Conservatives and the Chauvin sentence

At first glance, the Chauvin sentence strikes me as middling — not as much as he deserves, more than might be expected from the "criminal justice system," at this point.  At least we didn't hear the standard response to police misbehavior: "We have investigated and found no evidence of wrongdoing."

Perhaps a better way to look at it is that Chauvin is getting two years for every minute he squatted on a dying man's back.  That's what he did.  There has been a tendency since the May before last to turn the argument to legal technicalities, legal tricks to muddy the issue: "Well...y''s not really murder...and it's not manslaughter, either...and not negligent homicide, sorta, in a guess that's it, then.  Good afternoon, officer, sorry to have inconvenienced you."

He squatted, like a malignant toad, on a dying man's back for nearly ten minutes.  That's what's at issue here.  It makes no difference that Floyd was a punk, a habitual offender who spent much of his adult life in prison.  It makes no difference how high he was.  It makes no difference what the semantics or legal terminology might be.  That's what Chauvin was judged for, and that's what he'll do time for.  You can't do what he did in God's country and just walk away.

And he will do his time.  An appeal may well overturn the murder verdict, but not the manslaughter verdict.  (For the record, I still believe that it was murder, and nothing will convince me otherwise.  Look at the video.  Look at his face, his eyes.  It's the face of a Blokhin, a Mengele, or a Bundy.  If that's your idea of a legitimate officer of the law, then God help you.)

Chauvin is going away for a long time, and we needn't waste any more thought on him.  But we do need to curb any further influence he might have.  The man is already responsible for triggering the worst series of riots in American history, for degrading his profession, and encouraging some of the foulest elements in American society.  And doing it all quite willingly.  At no point did Chauvin ever speak out in public to apologize or to call for calm.  Even Rodney King, the L.A. George Floyd, did that.  But not Derek Chauvin.

We also can't expect anything from the wokies and their military arms, Antifa and BLM.  They've already forgotten about Chauvin.  He's last year's news.  They're waiting for the next incident that they can inflate into a synthetic apocalypse.  (Isn't it curious that these always happen in "woke" areas?  Portland, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago...  Just take Minneapolis alone.  Nobody has bothered to draw the lines between Chauvin and Mohammed Noor, the department's trophy Somalian who shot an innocent woman for no rational reason, or Kim Potter, the officer who somehow confused her heavy pistol with a lightweight taser and shot a man in suburban Brooklyn Park.)

We can't expect anything from our honest media.  If it bleeds, it leads, and it seems that they bleed a lot more when a cop is involved.

We can't expect anything from the Dems, needless to say.

But can't we expect something from conservatives?  Our team has a conviction that "the cops are on our side."  This is based on nothing but wish-fulfillment fantasies and is the right-of-center equivalent of left-wing unicorn and butterfly daydreams.  In truth, the cops are on the side of whoever controls their pensions, and that ain't you and me, playmates.

You have doubts?  Look back on last summer.  How many police forces in the beleaguered cities acted to fulfill their duties, do their jobs, and keep the public peace?  I believe I'm correct in saying "zero."  They all obeyed their leftist masters down to the last comma.  How many cops protested?  In those half-dozen cities, among all those hundreds of officers, I know of one: Seattle's chief of police, Carmen Best, who got up on her two feet and condemned the mayor and the administration and was sent packing forthwith.  Nobody bothered to wave goodbye when she left.

Apart from that, we have the cops who arrested Kyle Rittenhouse, who was transparently and clearly defending himself from armed left-wing goons.

We have the cop who shot an unarmed woman in the U.S. Capitol and is being protected by the full force of the American government.

And here's an incident from just the other day, when a cop ordered the arrest of an American citizen standing in a public building attending a public meeting.  Take a look at that smirking feeb.  What do you expect from him?  You expect him to come your aid?  You expect him to help you?

The answer to that is a simple "no."  Police forces are not living up to their responsibilities.  If you think different, then your first encounter with the 21st century lies before you.

Image: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.

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