Chicago shows the existential danger behind the Democrats' policies

A brutal, race-based execution on a major Chicago street highlights where Democrat policies are taking us.  Their obsessive focus on race, coupled with their attacks on moral law, criminal justice, and social norms, will turn all of America into Chicago unless we refuse to go along with a program that affects every facet of American life, from the federal government down to the smallest school board.

The facts behind the horrific execution in Chicago are simple:

A DRIVER has been executed and his wife critically injured after they were both dragged from their car and shot by a gang of attackers.

Shocking footage appears to show the moment Gyovanny Arzuaga, 24, and Yasmin Perez, 25, were ambushed following the Puerto Rican day parade in Chicago on Saturday.

In the clip shared by Fox32 the couple — who have two young children — are pulled from their vehicle and shot after Arzuaga's family say he had rear ended a parked car.

If you have the stomach for it, this is the video showing what happened to Arzuago and Perez.  Even if you don't watch it, please note from the still image on the tweet the number of people standing there filming the event.  Afterward, everyone cleared out, leaving the victims to welter, uncomforted, in their own blood:

Democrats instantly invoked gun control, but it's clear watching the slaughter that this crowd would as readily have executed Arzuago and Perez with knives or simply beaten them to death.

What we are seeing here is a return to stone-age savagery.  It is a reminder that human beings have only the thinnest veneer of civilization.  The Enlightenment pulled us away from the brutal cruelty that was the norm for pre-modern man.  However, as Nazi Germany shows, embracing tribal loyalties and removing the breaks on civilized behavior can, in just a few years, transform the world's most advanced and civilized society into a collection of brutal, bloodthirsty, sadistic animals.

It's not about skin color because the Nazis were White and the people in that video are Black.  Instead, it's about taking away the brakes.

What are those brakes?  A divine moral code (i.e., religion), force (law enforcement and criminal justice), and social norms.  Beginning in the 1960s and with accelerating force that went into overdrive in 2020, Democrats have removed each of those brakes.

If people believe that an attentive divinity who controls their eternal life has laid down a moral code, they will try to abide by that code.  I happen to believe that, at a practical level, the Ten Commandments are an exceptionally good moral code for a high-functioning society.  However, if people are told that there is no God or other divinity, those moral strictures either become suggestions that can be ignored or laws that can be flouted.

It's bad enough when people flout the moral code that supports a functioning society.  What happens if the governing body withdraws the force that bolsters those codes in a society?  Just look to see what Democrats have done to know what happens.  Last year, they released criminals from jail; defunded or cowed the police; and, through Soros-funded prosecutors, refused to impose any penalties on those whom the police arrested.  The result, inevitably, is anarchy.

Lastly, in an act of cynical racism, Democrats destroyed the social norms that bind Americans together and lead to a modicum of respect among people.  To do that, they told Blacks, "You have no control over your actions.  Your problem is White people.  If you vote for us, you can do whatever you want to Whites."  It's difficult to think of anything more demeaning to people than to say their skin color renders them incapable of self-governance, self-control, and personal responsibility, or anything more dangerous than to give these same people a racial target.

And again, this is not about something inherent in being Black.  Democrats are doing to Blacks what the Nazi party did to Germans.  It's just that, in the latter case, the Nazis told White Germans that their problem was Jews and that they could abandon civilized norms to destroy that problem.

And no, I'm not exaggerating about Democrats giving Blacks permission to kill.  A blue-check on Twitter applauded the slaughter in Chicago because he thought Arzuaga and Perez were flying a Confederate flag, rather than a Puerto Rican one.  Even when he was corrected about the facts, he doubled down on Blacks' (or anyone's) right to lynch White people who show the wrong flag:

No society can long sustain what the Democrats are doing to America.  If we are to survive as a nation, we need to resist Democrat initiatives at every level, from the White House to the local school board.  Otherwise, we are taking a running leap off a steep cliff that leads to a deep ravine filled with sharp rocks.  Once we are airborne, the only ending is pain, blood, and death.

I'll give Tucker the last words on the subject:

Image: Gyovanny Arzuago and Yasmin Perez.  GoFundMe.

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