Bound for victory?

There’s low humor in a video that emerged showing Zack Weiner, a 26-year-old New Yorker running in Manhattan for City Council, getting the torture treatment in a BDSM club. However, there’s actually a more serious side to this story, for it speaks to the breakdown of America’s Democrat-run cities and should raise questions about voter turnout in 2020.

The New York Post reports that an anonymous account put up a video of a bound and gagged Weiner getting the full treatment at Parthenon studio, a place known for “high-quality BDSM dungeons.”

Zack Weiner, 26, a City Council candidate running in Manhattan, has found his campaign tied up after video of him enjoying a sadomasochism session found its way onto Twitter.

“My magnificent domme friend played with Upper West Side city council candidate Zack Weiner and I’m the only one who has the footage,” reads a tweet from the anonymous account which posted the video last week.

The footage — flagged to The Post by Weiner’s own campaign manager — shows a gagged Weiner, unable to speak, subjecting himself to various abuses by a leather-bound woman who pours wax on him and clips his nipples with clothespins.

If you want to see the picture, you can check out the New York Post story.

For me, three things interested me about the story: First, Zack’s father is Eric Weiner, one of the creators of Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer, which premiered in 2000. While I don’t recall Dora diving into things sexual, given the weirdness about Nickelodeon and child sex, this Zack’s playtime seems apropos.

Second, what’s it with the Weiner name? I’m sure others instantly thought of Anthony Weiner the disgraced sexting New York congressman whose later mayoral run was also sidelined by his sexual compulsions. Considering that an American slang term for the male sex organ coincides with both Anthony’s and Zack’s last name, maybe it was foreordained that they’d get into the trouble they did.

Third – and this is a serious point – Zack Weiner’s escapades highlight that New York City politics are a joke. Right now, there’s a fiercely fought mayoral campaign going on to replace Bill DeBlasio, the man who single-handedly brought New York to its knees. The candidate in first place has been accused of faking New York residency. The candidate in second place, while calling to defund the cops and running as progress for the little people, is in fact a wealthy woman living in an exclusive, guarded neighborhood. And then there’s Mr. Whip Me, Chain Me, Make Me Cry.

Why do such unserious people get involved in the politics of what was once one of the world’s great cities? I think Robert J. Hutchinson nailed it in a post he wrote for yesterday’s American Thinker. As he explains – and he cites the data to support it – lefties have passion, while conservatives, unless fiercely roused, do not. This explains why lefties, despite their numerical minority status, have managed to take over so many American institutions. They give more money to candidates, they love public protests and, in areas with tremendous apathy, they’re just a little bit more likely to show up to vote.

Speaking of showing up in areas of political apathy, here’s another serious point: It really is a handful of lefties who make the difference. Most voters in big cities skip the elections that affect them most immediately.

In 2013, DeBlasio got 795,679 votes, while his opponent got 264,420 votes. That’s a total of 1,060,099 votes in a city that had around 8,400,000 people. In other words, fewer than 13% of New Yorkers bothered to show up, and fewer than 10% voted for DeBlasio. An even smaller number voted for DeBlasio in 2017.

You’ll find the same pattern in most of America’s big cities. For example, in Los Angeles in 2013, Eric Garcetti won with 121,930 votes in a city with a population of almost 4 million. And in 2019 in Chicago (population: 2.7 million), Lori Lightfoot won with 386,039 votes.

Knowing this level of apathy, I find it hard to believe that, in New York City, Biden got 2,321,759 votes and that, in Los Angeles County (which, admittedly, is bigger than LA itself), Biden got 3,028,885 votes. Only in Chicago did the voter turnout seem somewhat commensurate with the mayoral vote count, for Biden won with 761,601 votes. What I’m not so subtly suggesting is that the mayoral races, the ones that see the crazies emerge, better reflect urban vote patterns while the presidential outcomes seem a little, er…padded. Since these big cities determine electoral college votes, strange voting patterns matter.

And that’s why Zack Weiner’s silly sex life matters too: It highlights something suspicious about big-city elections as well as revealing that big Democrat cities are being brought to their knees because most residents just don’t care.

IMAGE: Zach Weiner. YouTube screen grab.

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