Biden's Big Lies in Tulsa

Reuters account of President Biden's Tulsa talk, June 1, reported that the "Intelligence Community" has "concluded" that white supremacists constitute "'the most lethal threat to the homeland.'"  

We are justified in absorbing this assertion and saying: "Where did we hear something like this before?"  How about October 2016, when said "Intelligence Community concluded" that the Russians were behind the hacking of H. Clinton's emails, or concluded that the Russians are trying to make Donald Trump president?  Those were all lies, Big Lies.

YouTube screen grab.

All intelligent people of goodwill should have "concluded" by now that when the media or a totalitarian-minded Democrat says the Intelligence Community has concluded something, a Big Lie follows, a Big Lie promoted by the Deep State to turn day into night, red into black, reason into craziness.

The Reuters account further reported that Biden declared that "the deadly attack" on January 6, on the Capitol, and state efforts to limit voting, are "echoes of the same problem" — the "lethal threat" to the country from white supremacists, apparently.

How dare Biden the Big Liar refer to Jan. 6 as "a deadly attack" when the only person killed was an unarmed civilian named Ashli Babbitt, shot by an unidentified Capitol cop?  How dare Biden accuse states that enact laws, to ensure that voting will be fair and honest, of echoing white supremacist notions!

Republicans in Congress must respond immediately and forcefully to Biden's Big Lies, or some GOPers may find themselves targeted for arrest, accused of "hate crimes."  Republicans must speak out forcefully against this blatant demagogue now ensconced in the White House, or we slide down the slippery slope to dictatorship.

And in responding, a Jim Jordan, say, or an Elise Stefanik might point to recent homicide statistics in Chicago this year, where, according to the Chicago Tribune, through May 18, 227 mostly young black men have been killed.  Rep. Jordan or Rep. Stefanik might then inquire: were the majority of black victims of homicides in Chicago gunned down by white supremacists?

Biden is clearly conjuring up an imaginary "white supremacist" as bogeyman, just as anti-Semites in Europe conjured up images of Jews as bogeyman.

Something evil is occurring in the Biden administration.  Bogeymen are generally used as distractions from forthcoming abusive measures to be taken by a government intending to amass oppressive powers for tyrannical aims.  Biden, by his remarks on the centennial of the Tulsa tragedy, has made it perfectly clear that, in his dotage, he has become a demagogue — or else is fronting for a demagogic cabal.  As Hamilton makes clear in the middle of Federalist No. 1, rulers who are demagogues end up as tyrants.

Biden's remarks are alarming and threaten our democratic institutions, indeed.  One fears that the failure to respond immediately and forcefully to Biden's demagogic Big Lies will lead, before November 2022, to mass arrests of conservatives and the use of the "hate crime" cudgel to ban conservative talk radio and websites.

Conservative populists must declare, now, "We will not be browbeaten by Biden."

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