Beware of Child Protective Services if you love your kids

I have never been entangled with Child Protective Services (CPS), so what I'm about to say is not driven by personal animus: while there are many good social workers, there are enough toxic ones to make CPS a monster that shies away from children in truly dangerous circumstances (because they're also dangerous for the social worker) while giving CPS godlike power over loving families.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the new world of gender madness that's overtaken leftism (and most social workers are Democrats).

Over the years, I've collected numerous stories of social workers run amok, especially because wily children have learned from their peers that they can hold their parents hostage by threatening to report the parents to CPS.

There was the mother who had CPS in her life for three years, monitoring every aspect of her parenting, because her daughter (who adored and adores her mom) had night terrors that caused her to wake up screaming.

There was the single Black woman who spanked her ten-year-old son for an act of minor vandalism because she didn't want him to grow up committing major acts of vandalism.  Encouraged by his friends, he reported her to CPS.  Even when he admitted that his mother hadn't hurt him and loved him, CPS dogged her for years.

There was the woman who lost her child to CPS because she left the baby sleeping in the car within her sight while she stepped out to get a newspaper from a stand.

And then there was my friend whose nephew was in the care of a drug-addicted mother who took him to bars with her.  In that case, CPS didn't do a darn thing.

Knowing these people, you can understand why Abigail Shrier's article, "When the State Comes for Your Kids," resonated with me.  Shrier is well known because she has done yeoman's work exposing how the transgender cult is putting enormous pressure on girls and on autistic children of both sexes to believe that if they "change their gender," the anxiety of puberty and autism will magically be resolved.

In the article, Shrier exposes the fact that CPS is often on board with this pressure and that some states make it very easy for children to get sucked out of the home and into the transgender system.  When children with mental health issues — anxiety, depression, eating disorders, autism spectrum issues — come into their orbit, if the word "gender" comes up, social workers will make every effort to push the children into the system and toward "gender" treatment.  This doesn't mean talk therapy.  It means that young teens, without parental guidance, can start taking dangerous hormones and even have surgery.

Shrier opens with the case of Ahmed, a Muslim, whose 16-year-old son was on the autism spectrum and was battling depression.  When the son threatened suicide, they took him to the Seattle Children's Hospital.  That's when they received a message from the hospital telling them to take their "daughter" to a gender clinic.  Apparently, during the lockdown, he'd been sucked into the online world of transgenderism.  Fortunately, Ahmed talked to a lawyer and a psychiatrist before engaging with the people controlling his son and was able to get his son out of the hospital, at which point the family literally fled the state.  The son is doing well now.

The other stories are just as bad.  In case after case, CPS and other social work programs are eager to deprive parents of custody so they can introduce troubled teens to the wonderful world of hormonal and surgical body mutilation.

One of the things that shines through all these narratives is that many of these children are suicidal for a variety of reasons.  Magically escaping their bodies seems likes a wonderful solution.

We know from statistics that people who have gone through the whole transgender process have an enormously high suicide rate.  The transgender lobby insists this is because society doesn't support them.

The article suggests that the problem is something different: the medical and social worker systems push people with suicidal ideations into the world of transgenderism.  They're still suicidal, only now things are even worse because their bodies have been destroyed and they've been separated from their families.  While before they talked about suicide, now they do it.

If you have at-risk children or grandchildren, read Shrier's article and be prepared for this situation, just as you prepare for earthquakes or hurricanes.  If you're lucky, it won't happen to you, but if you're unlucky, you'll be so glad you prepared.

Image: Sad child by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash.

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