Arlington, Ft. Worth, and now McAllen, Texas

My late mother had an expression whenever I had a morning question about the weather.  She would say in Spanish something like "open the window and see for yourself."

Well, Democrats need to open the window and see what is happening in Texas.

Down in McAllen, a GOP candidate was elected mayor.  Did I tell you that McAllen is about as Hispanic as they get?  It's hard to think of a more Hispanic city in Texas.  Nevertheless, Javier Villalobos, a very Hispanic name, shook up the political conversation on the border.

This is the story:

A newly elected Latino Republican mayor set to represent an 85% Latino town in Texas believes many Latinos are "opening their eyes" after years of supporting Democratic candidates.

"Well, during the past election, it's amazing what happened here in South Texas," said Javier Villalobos, who is set to represent McAllen as mayor. "I think, generally, the Hispanic community is very conservative, yet, traditionally, they voted Democrat. It's amazing what happened this past election. I think our numbers as far as conservative voters were up by substantially. We finally, finally have competition in South Texas. So I think it's going to open up the doors for a lot of people."

Villalobos, who previously served as chairman of the Hidalgo County GOP in South Texas, signaled optimism that the GOP is now making headway with the traditionally Democratic constituency in the region.

Let's not forget that President Trump flipped a few border counties in 2020.

In the Dallas area, two cities, Arlington and Ft. Worth, elected GOP mayors with significant Hispanic populations.  It was 54-45% in Arlington or a 9-point lead.  It was 53-46% in Ft. Worth or a 7-point lead.  Yes, no landslide, but not close, either.

What does all of this mean?  It means that Hispanics are showing a lot more maturity as voters.  They vote Democrat but are open to a different message.

The GOP's next opportunity is our new "heartbeat" law.  Wait until the ministers and priests start talking in church about aborting a baby with a heartbeat.  I believe that Hispanic women will support this new law and open up new opportunities for GOP candidates.

As my mom said, open the window and see for yourself.

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Image: Javier Villalobos. YouTube screen grab.

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