Apparently, our government's pride is tied to LQBT sexuality

Joe Biden's obsession with the whole LGBT thing is creeping me out.  Please note that I didn't say LGBT people are creeping me out, although I certainly have a strong disagreement with transgender madness.  I also dislike intensely people who use their sexual orientation to achieve hard-left political goals.  What you do in the bedroom doesn't matter to me, but what you do to schools, the military, children's television, etc., matters a great deal.  But back to Biden.  Given his bizarre behavior with little girls, when Biden "celebrates" LGBT stuff, all I can think of is...well, I don't want to think of it.  His latest weirdness was to proclaim that "Pride is back at the White House" — where it has no business being in the first place.

Biden's weirdness about the LGBT spectrum began in October, during a town hall when a woman claimed that her eight-year-old was a member of the opposite sex.  Biden, probably listening to a voice funneled into his ear, thought that was awesome and imagined a world in which children could have free-floating gender identities:

"The idea that an eight year-old child or a ten year-old child decides, 'you know I decided, I want to be transgender. That's what I think I'd like to be, it'd make my life a lot easier.' There should be zero discrimination," Biden said.

He also said he would "eliminate" the Trump administration's rules affecting gender transition.

"I will flat out just change the law. Eliminate those executive orders, number one," Biden said.

True to his word, practically the first thing Biden did when he sat down in the Oval Office was to say that those who are confused about their biological sex — in other words, not the most emotionally stable demographic — should have unfettered access to places aligned with their claimed "gender identity."  Thanks to Title VII, this affects all schools receiving federal funds.  In any place into which federal money extends, men and boys will have free access to girls' and women's restrooms, locker rooms, dorms, prisons, etc.  In one swish of the pen, Biden began the process of deleting women.

On Friday, Biden marked Pride Month at the White House with an hours-long ceremony.  Think about that.  A sitting president of the entire United States took time out from official business to celebrate people's sex lives.  And along with celebrating Pride Month, Biden once again said creepy things that seemed to include some weird form of self-love along with all the other non-traditional pairings:

President Joe Biden declared on Friday that pride had returned to the White House as he marked the month that celebrates LGBTQ+ rights.

'Pride is back at the White House,' he said. 'Pride Month stands for love, you know, being able to love yourself, love whomever you love.'

Biden marked the occasion by designating the site of the Pulse Nightclub shooting a national memorial and named a special envoy for LGBTQ+ rights around the world.

Biden was joined by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay Senate-confirmed Cabinet secretary. Jill Biden and Chasten Buttigieg also were on hand.

The president was introduced by Ashton Mota, an openly transgender teenager from Massachusetts.

'It takes courage to be true to your authentic self and face the face of the kinds of discrimination,' Biden said of transgender youth.  

'We know more than half of transgender youth to seriously consider suicide,' he said, encouraging people to support them.


On Friday, Biden appointed Jessica Stern to be the U.S. Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons at the Department of State.

I wouldn't mind if Biden ensured that non-heterosexual people are not harassed, discriminated against, or denied their civil rights.  Indeed, I heartily agree with that.  Biden's constant pandering to and wallowing in LGBT sexuality, though, is just wrong.  It's wrong that Pete Buttigieg, a glib man of no accomplishments, should be so celebrated just because he prefers sexual activity with men over sex with women.  And it's very, very wrong to pretend (as Biden did) that transgenderism is real and that society has to bow before it.

Image: Biden shares a tender moment with a young woman who shows surprisingly dominant body language in the interaction (at 13:45 in the video).  YouTube screen grab.

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