A pandemic road trip into Gavin Newsom's fantasy land

Like most people who value freedom, my BS meter goes on high alert when our overlords get hysterical and tell us that the proverbial sky is falling.  The so-called COVID pandemic — something I prefer to call the Wuhan Virus; the ChiCom Flu; or any other racist, white supremacist, fascist (i.e., accurate) moniker — is a shining example.  Other phony crises that the Marxists repeat ad nauseam include man-caused climate change and systemic racism, but those "causes" haven't frozen an entire country...not yet, anyway.

So after over a year of sitting around and pretty much doing nothing, the wife and I decided to start an extended road trip in early June.  It wasn't that we were afraid to travel.  Quite the contrary.  But with fear, paranoia, anger, and hysteria boiling over virtually everywhere, especially in Democrat-controlled metropolitan areas, travel wasn't high on our agenda.  Why hit the road if you're not allowed to enjoy yourself?  Better to sit home, read a good book, and watch the latest episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight

But when Gov. Gavin "French Laundry" Newsom announced that California would, to some degree, open its doors in mid-June, we decided to take a chance.  Even if he was lying, a very likely possibility, all we really wanted to do was visit some friends and family members in a couple of different locales.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, you could get assaulted, robbed, car-jacked, or shamed for being white, but that's business as usual nowadays in the Golden State.  As long as we could spend a couple of nights in a motel while on the road and not suffocate by wearing a useless paper mask in every establishment that's still in business, well, that was good enough for us.

We started our journey by traveling from our home in south Arizona through the entire length of Nevada.  I did my best to avoid the handful of high-density areas in the Silver State, dining and sleeping in some rustic, though sometimes charming, rural towns.  I was pleased to see many, many residents and businesses flying the Stars and Stripes...obviously a bunch of racists.  In one small, struggling town, signs of patriotism were everywhere.  There was also a huge flag in front of a residence that said "F--- Biden."  My wife, though far from being a vulgar person, was surprisingly amused.  Me too!  But what would you expect from a white supremacist? 

Then it was on to Idaho, where we lived for almost three decades before retiring and moving to the Grand Canyon State.  Rural Idaho was almost a carbon copy of Nevada.  Signs of patriotism and continued support for President Trump were common.  The most outspoken flag I saw spared the observer any obscenities, simply stating: "2020 Election — Rigged!"  

Then it was on to our native state of California, once the best place in the country to grow up, prosper, and live in retirement.  Not so much anymore.  The homeless encampments, trash, gang graffiti, and bad roads were endemic, especially in urban areas.  But not to worry!  Gavin Newsom is on the job!  According to a new ad — the start of a major push prior to the upcoming recall election — Newsom, in his unintended Fantasy Land, has California "roaring back."  How's the French Laundry king doing this?  By promising free money, of course!  Eleven hundred dollars per family, plus an additional $500 for kids!  This is money allegedly from the state, but it will no doubt come from federal coffers once Congress decides on a fraudulent "infrastructure" bill. 

Cleaning up the filth is on the agenda, too, and you can even spot Newsom — still wearing his mask — bagging garbage with some other concerned citizens...probably staffers who, no doubt, quit the façade with Gavin once the cameras stopped rolling.  Then there's free pre-K brainwashing for every child, regardless of the family's income.  Critical Race Theory will likely be on the agenda.  The Laundryman also brags about billions for small business, though the thousands of entrepreneurs who were destroyed by Newsom's tyranny weren't mentioned.  (I guess they can open a Kool-Aid stand with their $1,100 checks.)  The homeless will be housed as well, but buying voters with more free money is, quite obviously, the main attraction.

"It sounded an awful lot like a bribe to me, but I'm not the average voter," said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, professor of public policy communication at the University of Southern California. "When was the last time you saw anybody, particularly anybody who's hurting, turn down free money?" 

Indeed.  And when was the last time you saw anybody, particularly someone with a "D" after his name, not try to buy votes?

Despite his abysmal record, it's likely that Newson will win the recall election.  Many voters have a hard time looking past the dollar signs and deciphering the rhetoric, even if the future of their state and their country is in dire peril.  And sadly, some of them just don't care. 

Image via Needpix.

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