Critical Race Theory, meet Critical Communism History: Ron DeSantis introduces plan to teach kids the evils of totalitarianism in schools

In what has got to be the most important educational initiative in memory, Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis has introduced a plan to teach kids the obvious about socialism, communism, and all the other 'isms' which have wrought death and misery on millions, every last time they are ever tried.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed three education bills championed by the Republican Legislature and governor that they say aim to increase civics understanding among Florida students.

Appearing at a press conference at a Fort Myers middle school on Tuesday, he signed House Bill 5 that directs the state Department of Education to come up with a curriculum that educates students on the evils of communism and totalitarian regimes like Venezuela and Nicaragua.

The reporter forgot to mention 'Cuba' but I suspect Cuba will be included, too. Child executions, persecutions of gay people, political prisoners, turba mob activity, total shutdowns of churches, massive freedom flotillas in shark-infested waters on leaky boats constructed of inner tubes and floating detritus, as well as the parade of leftists coming to worship Castro and preach his communist gospel as they return to their homelands, along with the corruption of the media, are certainly worth teaching to today's young kids.

Venezuela and Nicaragua are good ones, though, with all their Cuba sponsorship -- Cubans telling their nationals what to do, in all areas of life, even what kinds of cows they can raise, as I witnessed in Venezuela in 2005, and the propaganda efforts that went on all over the place, as well as the fraudulent elections in both countries. The tiny Honduran legislative effort to halt the illegal advance of communism in 2009, as well as Chile in 1973, where the entire world pretty much abandoned these countries and falsely called their leaders coupsters, is worth teaching, too.

Red China with all its evil destruction of history and crazed youth-worship, seen during the Cultural Revolution as well its sicko "social credit system" today created with the help of Big Tech baronies in the states, and its bribery ("investments") all over the world in areas as diverse as ports in Africa and professional sports and film in the states merits a place, along with the human destruction of its "one child" policy. So does the entire nightmare of North Korea, the world's most totalitarian hellhole, where mere viewing of the wrong kind of film merits a death sentence or years of hard labor, not just for the person caught doing it, but his entire family.

The history of the Soviet Union itself merits teaching, too, and there's far too little of it -- colleges aren't even teaching the Russian language much anymore. They can begin with the Bolsheviks' horrific war on the family and introduction of abortion to shred the social capital of society in order to create "a new Soviet man" loyal only to the state. There was also the Soviet devaluation of women, the destruction of churches, the killings of the Kulaks, the mass death, famines, and enslavement that came of the collectivization of agriculture, and the creepy, creepy show trials of communist-on-communist power struggles: "Oh, Stalin! Oh, Stalin!" they groveled. There was citizen-spy-on-citizen activity, with huge parts of the population compromised (Little kids need to see the film about the Soviet satellite state East Germany "The Lives of Others"). With that, there was the creation of mass terror, often led by insanely Robespierresque prosecutors with dreaded names like Vishinsky, and evil as hell secret-police monsters with dreaded names like Dzherzhinsky, Yagoda, Yezhov, and Beria. There was a false propaganda effort unlike any other, which came from the state. And the grayness of socialism, don't forget the grayness -- the Mao suits, the worker ants, as well as rubble and ruin of Cuba and Venezuela. Socialism always leads to this desolate place, with the dry, cynical humor of the defeated borne of the state of permanent war on the people the leftists purport to represent.

Yes, kids need to know that. They need to know the whole history of communism, as well as socialism, and the false promises of "progress" and "brighter futures" and "a better world" before they fall prey to more false promises of it. Right now, schools have been taken over by crazed far-leftists who continue to teach kids to worship communism, as if none of this history had ever happened The "ours will be a really good communism" excuse, described by Tom Wolfe, needs to be brought up, too.

They also need to know about the brave souls who rebelled against communism in places like Poland (1956, 1980-1982), Czechoslovakia (1968), and Hungary (1956), and even from deep inside the Soviet empire itself such as Novocherkassk (1962) and the western Ukraine (1987). The joy felt by Soviet prisoners deep in the Siberian Gulag hearing for the first time the great Ronald Reagan declare the Soviet Union "evil" merits teaching to today's kids, too. They need to know the story of Stephen Mosher, the young Stanford scholar who was demonized by the left in the West for exposing the truth about China's forced abortions.

The refugee flows that inevitably come from communism have got to be on the agenda, along with the fact that there are no refugee flows of people who flee to communism, they all flee from it. Little kids can ask themselves, why might that be? 

The people who remember how evil it was do try to tell their stories, but typically they are ignored. It's time they were heard and can impart their firsthand wisdom and experiences to the young. Those are words of truth.

Right now, polls show that young people think communism is the cat's meow, and whole congressional districts are electing communist apologists such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an ignorant young open socialist who advocates every last thing the previous communists did in the past, as if the results would somehow be different if the horrors were imposed on America.

The Jesuits are publishing essays sympathetic to communism and standing happily by their support for the world's most evil and failure-wracked ideology. We have a fraudulently elected president who quotes Mao.

The fact that DeSantis is doing this in Florida is the most important antidote imaginable to this terrible onslaught of totalitarian ideas on children who can't even remember 9/11, let alone the Cold War. Right now they're being flooded with critical race theory, an offshoot of the "trained Marxists" of Black Lives Matter, and other race hustlers drawing in millions of dollars from corrupted corporations who don't understand what communists do to capitalists businesses. Leftists seized the initiative in developing their indoctrination curriculum, based on false histories. Now it's time to seize the initiative back with real histories, with real facts. 

It's also a highly affirming thing for the families of the kids, given that so many have fled communism and its horrors: Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, even Peru and Colombia, where psychopathically evil communist drug-trafficking guerrillas engaged in countless atrocities to secure power over parts of the country as well as create terror in the cities. Truth tellers in our society are frequently ignored if not demonized when the subject is communism.

It's a teaching agenda that has got to be done throughout the entire country. It should have been done years ago, before the communist rot could settle in as it has done now, as if the Cold War and its global struggle against communism had never happened.

This act alone makes DeSantis presidential material. Until the history of communism is examined, reckoned with, and discredited, the monster of it will keep rearing its head here again and again. Countries with no memory of communism are the easiest marks for its lies and takeovers. DeSantis recognizes that, recognizes the scope and depth of the problem, and is fighting fire with fire against the left which has already seized the educational initiative in its critical race theory. He knows the truth and their lack of truth, and is looking to put a stop to the lies.

He deserves nothing but praise from all freedom-loving people.

Image: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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