You may not want socialism, but you're getting it anyway

For several years now, those on the political right made standing against socialism, especially extreme forms of international socialism, a key plank of their political beliefs.  They have been very outcome-oriented — that is, they try to push back against obvious policies advancing socialism.  This approach may be laudable, but it's been far too short-sighted and dated.  We are no longer fighting the long gone Cold War against communism.  Instead, we are dealing with a more nuanced hybrid — a sort of quasi-socialistic-tinged neo-liberalism, AKA globalism. Stopping it involves dealing with immigration, not legislation.

Conservatives have tried to stop socialism and achieve electoral success using rational, fact-based arguments to convince the masses.  The problem with this strategy is that it doesn't take into consideration a major factor: demographic change.

This came to the fore quite recently when Tucker Carlson pointed it out (much to the chagrin of Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL).  Using both illegal and legal immigration, Democrats are transforming the very landscape of the United States (and multiple other Western nations as well).  Indeed, it has been in the process of being transformed since the Hart-Cellar Act of 1965.

Contrary to Senator Ted Kennedy's empty promises at the time, immigration policy's focus shifted from its original goal — maintaining an ethnically European supermajority — to the new goal of an increasingly mixed ethnic composition.  As Carlson pointed out, this fundamentally changed the demographics of America's electorate to the point that existing citizens' votes become almost worthless, at least in majority-"blue" states such as California.  Once a bastion of the Republican Party, today, and for the long foreseeable future, it is a very liberal Democratic state.

You may ask, what difference does it make that so many are coming in?  Aren't they coming to make a better life for themselves, to escape corruption; tyranny; and, yes, socialism?  Further, can't we simply present them with the facts and logic about the enormous success of historic American free enterprise and constitutionalism to help persuade and navigate them toward a more right-leaning worldview?

The answer to this question is yes, but only to a limited degree.  In many cases, it may take some years, even decades, for immigrants to assimilate and "convert" to this new understanding.  In the meantime, Democrats may enact policies that appeal to newly enfranchised citizens but that will cause great damage that will be hard to correct.

Adding to this problem is that the Democrats effectively use taxpayer money to bribe these new immigrants, making them used to this largesse and government dependency and far less willing to abandon it.  Moreover, because they view Democrats as the ones who invited them in and paid them welfare, the majority of new immigrants will vote Democrat and remain supportive of them for many years, often permanently.

Democrats know this, which is why they are pushing so hard for ever more immigrants by any means possible and awarding them with a wide variety of social programs and other benefits.  This will keep immigrants closely tied to the Democrat party once they are eligible to vote.

Knowing this, how likely are those on the right to counter it?  As it stands, they aren't, or they are doing so only on a very limited and far too ineffective level.

This brings us back to the beginning.  The right seeks to thwart socialism, focusing on it as a net negative ideology for the nation.  However, because it has not dealt effectively with a net cause of the votes behind left-wing policies, socialism (or large policy planks that align with socialistic ideals) happens anyway.

This reality applies to other policies that concern conservatives, such as abortion, the excessively aggressive LGBT agenda, etc.  If most voters either support those views or are indifferent to them (relative to their desire to remain on the public teat), none of these policies will be overturned.

We must focus more on taking corrective measures, not only on restricting access to the nation, but with redirecting government funds from left-wing programs to right-wing solutions that reward and encourage the nation's existing people to become more responsible, nation-oriented, and self-sufficient.  This will counter those people disinterested in the nation's ultimate well-being and its founding principles and wean them off being connected only to their own groups and what they can get out of the government.

As matters stand, until the right wakes up and sees that immigration (whether legal or illegal) is properly dealt with, we'll see nothing but perpetual losses for conservatives until the nation is fully transformed into a Democratic-dominated socialistic country.

Image: New immigrants take the oath.  YouTube screen grab.

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