When America's faith shifts from God to politicians

The current culture war is more than just about politics — it's about faith!  Today's culture increasingly places its faith in politicians and party rather than true religion.

A Pew Research Forum article from 2019 highlighted the ongoing decline of the American Christian.  This decline continues into 2021 under the ever-indulgent, narcissistic American culture built around social-media fame-seekers and a never-ending focus on me above everyone else.  Ours is now a postmodern culture where truth is what you make it, no longer grounded in ethical or moral standards.

As the percentage of Christians, and religious people in general, declines, so too does the moral compass within our society. But are we surprised after decades of effort meant to undermine the authority of the Bible or the belief in a sovereign Creator?

Radical progressives continue to denigrate faith in anything other than the state.  In their minds, faith should be focused on politicians, their programs, and ultimately what they give you.  Faith is no longer a spiritual exercise but, rather, blind allegiance to a party or idea.  Think about the cult of personality built around Obama, the continued efforts to convince everyone of the effects of global warming, or the infallibility of Dr. Fauci.  The left is working its hardest to shore up its acolytes and seek out new converts through its missionary efforts on the nightly news.

As a generation of people places its faith in politicians, they begin to lose more and more of their own independence and freedom.  They have placed their faith in government rather than a Creator who holds the answers to life's most difficult questions, so they bend to the will of the political elites, hoping and waiting for answers.  They pay homage and dutifully follow the direction of their political leadership, looking for reassurance and meaning.  Gone is the idea of self-thought, self-reliance, or a questioning attitude about government control meant to manage their daily lives.  Instead, there is only blind faith and regurgitation of political talking points to prove allegiance.

This misplaced faith continues to strip our cultural heritage.  Faith in today's political elites means disregarding the ideas of the Constitution.  Instead, they blindly trust today's political elites as more intellectually refined than our forefathers.  It shows a disregard for moral authority given to us by a Creator.  "In God We Trust" is no longer a motto to live by, but something to be canceled.  Their trust instead lies with corrupt politicians — people who will eventually let them down.

On the other hand, those who profess their faith as Christians have been some of the most resilient people throughout the past year.  Christians with a strong faith trusted God to protect and guide them through the uncertainty of COVID and cultural upheaval.  They exhibited an unchanging moral foundation, a certainty about what's right and wrong, a focus on loving their neighbor and caring for one another, regardless of skin color or beliefs.  People of true faith didn't cower in fear but, rather, tried to live life as normal as possible.

Our culture needs true faith, not political spiritualism.  People need to return to what made America special, a place where moral certainty exists, where people worship freely without fear of cancelation, where their faith is placed in God, not politicians.

When the scales of life tip toward a sovereign Creator and a moral foundation, rather than fallible politicians, party, or narcissistic egoism, people will regain their true independence and freedom to live their lives.  In this way, people will exhibit true faith, and once again as a society we may say "In God We Trust."

Image: Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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