Washington Post laps up the latest Palestinian propaganda

The front-page photo for The Washington Post article "Violent clashes, rocket fire shake Jerusalem" (5/11/21) has a caption that directs blame for the recent violence, started by the Palestinians — yes, the Palestinians — against Israel, as follows: "tensions in the area have been intensifying as a Jewish settler group tries to evict several Palestinian families from a nearby neighborhood."

The aforementioned nonviolent eviction ruling was not by a "Jewish settler group,"  which The Washington Post loves to blame, but by Jerusalem's District Court.  And the Court upheld a previous ruling it had made.  And the recent ruling was in February, several months ago.  So why the protests now?  The Post should know by now that the Palestinians use events, whether current or in the past, as pretexts — when there is political expediency to do so.  They are a one-trick pony.  But the Palestinian leadership (and their enabler Iran) know that if you have one trick, and the media keep falling for it — rinse and repeat!

The true genesis of the recent violence is that the Palestinian leadership and clerics incited it with the false claim that Israel had endangered the Al Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam.  It is the same lie that has sparked numerous terror attacks over the past century.  In preparation, they stockpiled bricks, bottles, and fireworks in the mosque and then hurled them at Israeli police.  And they timed the assault to coincide with Ramadan.  The Palestinian opposition to Israel is about not one neighborhood, but the existence of all of Israel.

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