The United Nations, porn, and your child

The United Nations had some validity early on, when a constitutional America dominated it, backed (for the most part) by countries that shared core Judeo-Christian values and were ashamed of what they had done (or let be done) to European Jewry. In their years since then, between leftism and the increased number of Muslim nations, the UN is indistinguishable from an anti-Semitic cesspool. And then there’s the child sex problem which, in the past, manifested itself with UN workers trafficking Third World children. Now, UNICEF, the UN entity charged with caring for the world’s children, announced that blocking children from accessing porn is a potential human rights violation.

When I was a little girl in the 1960s, one of my treasured possessions was a UNICEF book that highlighted children from all over the world, along with descriptions of how UNICEF – which stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund -- was dedicated to their well-being. Many children from my era remember coupling their trick-or-treating with requests to donate money to UNICEF.

And indeed, in the beginning, UNICEF really was dedicated to helping children and their mothers because the entire European continent had been ravaged by World War II. The scope of displacement and destruction required an all-out effort. And indeed, UNICEF still does some useful things, such as distributing trusted vaccinations in the third world, addressing malnutrition in areas of chronic poverty, and so forth.

However, at bottom, UNICEF is a subset of the United Nations, and the UN is corrupt. It spends most of its time hounding Israel, a small Jewish dot in a sea of Muslim nations and, through UNRWA, actively supporting Arab aggression against Israel. Thanks to a plethora of Muslim and leftist nations, it is openly anti-Semitic. In addition, it increasingly promotes values that are either openly hostile to America or antithetical to traditional Western values.

The above are blanket statements on my part. If you want the details, I suggest you spend a few hours perusing UN Watch’s website. If you are not anti-Semitic and are pro-American, you will marvel at the way leftist presidents (Obama and Biden) desperately want to subordinate America’s interests to that organization.

But this is about the children. The latest insanity from UNICEF is a pedophile’s delight. In a new report, UNICEF concluded that pornography makes lots of children happy and that they really shouldn’t be deprived of it:

A UN agency is again immersed in controversy for a recent report suggesting there is no conclusive evidence that children exposed to pornography are harmed.

The report published by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) addresses how government policy can be used to protect children from harmful, abusive and violent content online.  Its conclusion is based on a European study of 19 EU countries that found in most countries, most children who saw pornographic images were “neither upset nor happy.” In fact, the report UNICEF relies on says 39 percent of Spanish children were happy after seeing pornography.

According to the same article from which I quoted, if you drill down into the report, it turns out that the push for making porn available to children may be tied to the leftist obsession with child sexuality and the LGBTQ+ agenda which, lately, is the leading edge for all leftist initiatives:

The 2020 EU Kids Online Study concluded that some children and young people “intentionally seek out sexual content” for a variety of reasons and that seeing sexual images “might also represent an opportunity” to provide answers to questions about puberty and sexual identity. The study encouraged “seeing the nuances” which lead children to seek out and view sexual content online.

UNICEF says any efforts to block children from accessing pornography online might infringe on their human rights. UNICEF bases this claim on an expansive interpretation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

UNICEF also claims that asking for age-verification to access pornography online may deny children access to what it calls “vital sexuality education.” It should be noted that critics charge “comprehensive sexuality education” is pornographic and harmful to children.

The left has always been going after your children through sex. UNICEF just added a new weapon to the left’s arsenal.

IMAGE: Child covering her eyes by Katie Gerrard on Unsplash.