The tyranny of the reasonable

The tyranny of the reasonable is: if you're not "reasonable," you don't get a voice, and you don't count.  This is perfectly expressed in the 16th District Republican congressman, Adam Kinzinger.

The dashing young Kinzinger with steely eyes and square jaw and canned, even, toned verbal delivery comes across as erudite, serious, and reasonable — a political figure who just "wants what's best for everybody."  But nothing is farther from the truth.  His cooperation with the left has for the past decade chipped away at American freedom through his decisions on Capitol Hill and eroded our liberties a bite at a time.

Kinzinger cooperates and coordinates with members of the Democrat Party who have a deep allegiance to extremist ideas of open borders, redistribution of labor and wealth in the form of money from American's paychecks, division through racial unrest and strife, and transgender tyranny in our schools and even in school bathrooms.  Despite this extensive cooperation with the party of "Marx in America," he is considered a reasonable, thoughtful political figure.

So much easier to gulp down lies when told to us through a smile with even, serious tones.  People like Kinzinger delivering their message do not seem like radicals or extremists.  They seem reasonable.  Kinzinger has learned this tactic and executed this persona with perfection, yet his allegiances are anything but reasonable.  His allegiances are radical and extreme and part of what is transforming America into a debt-laden, morally bankrupt, tyrannical dictatorship that is closing the noose of tyranny around our freedoms and liberties.

People who consider themselves reasonable consider Kinzinger the same, yet they don't look deeper than Kinzinger's surface persona.  Beneath this reasonable persona is a man who has created and led our nation into a worse condition than it has ever been — deeper in debt, morally bankrupt, crime-ridden, with joblessness, rioting, racial division, and a whole host of social and economic problems.

Kinzinger proclaims the need to cooperate with the "other side" as if cooperating with Satan is a reasonable pursuit.  The entire apparatus of the Democrat party is constructed to protect their radical far-left ideas.  On-demand abortion even after a live birth, welfare for illegals, and redistribution of your paycheck through higher taxes, the complete destruction of the energy industry to replace it with green energy, which is not "green" at all.  Open borders.  "Slave reparations."  IDs for everything except voting.  Extreme forms of gun control against law-abiding citizens leaving guns in the hands of criminals.  Voter fraud.

All of this has intensified through Democrat leadership and through Kinzinger's leadership and cooperation with Democrats in Congress and the nation.  It's time to stop focusing on the reasonable persona and start focusing on the outcomes of allegiances.

We all want someone we can talk to, reason with, and who will listen.  We all want a reasonable person in our lives who can discuss matters and a leader who will take the reins and justly provide leadership for those he represents.  Kinzinger has yet to hold public meetings in Illinois's 16th District.  He's cloistered behind CNN cameras and emerges every two years from Washington, D.C. to campaign, never really understanding who people really are, what they really want, or how to simply relate to people who struggle because of the political decisions he makes and cooperates with.

Reject the tyranny of the reasonable and instead choose the person whose sweat and tears have created a real person engaged in the struggle we are all engaged in.  Preferably not a Democrat and preferably someone who sticks to an America First principle.  Kinzinger's ideas and cooperation with the party of Marx are not reasonable.  They're anti-American, extremist, and radical, disguised in the package of reasonable.

Image: Geoff Holtzman.

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