If you see something, say something!

I was driving home from a haircut on the last day of April 2021, when an announcer on the radio in a government public service announcement said, "If you see something, say something!"

That tagline followed a radio skit in which a guy notices someone leaving a mysterious backpack under school bleachers.  The concerned citizen goes to the police and reports the suspicious behavior.  Unsaid, but implied, is the message that law enforcement will act quickly to eliminate any threat to the public.

While the PSA was still fresh in my ears, my brain began to process the message.  If we see something suspicious, will the government really step in and eliminate the threat?

Like all of you, I lived through 2020.  Like many of you, I saw all kinds of strange things that went reported but that the government ignored.

I saw President Trump try to protect the USA from the Wuhan Flu.  The media and Candidate Biden called him a xenophobe and a racist for his efforts to protect us.  I saw poll suppression and manipulation during the summer and fall of 2020, with endless predictions that Biden would win in a landslide.

Like most of you, I watched Biden hide in his basement, while Trump fearlessly campaigned for re-election.  I watched the media suppress news harmful to Biden and the media magnify news harmful to Trump.

On election night, I saw Trump build up a lead in key battleground states, and then I saw those critical states stop counting for reasons we still don't understand, and the media do not want to investigate.  While America slept that evening, all kinds of suspicious things happened behind closed doors.

The next day, Trump's lead began to erode.  Republicans all over America began to report their suspicions, and they were told they were making things up.  Several days later, we were told that Biden won the election even though a majority of Republicans and a minority of Democrats openly questioned the process.

Many of us still believe that the 2020 election was fixed.  Nineteen states reported their doubts to the Supreme Court, and the Court told them their report had no standing.  The Democrats and their allies left a massive backpack under our national bleachers in 2020.  Many of us reported it, and we were told to shut up and stop ginning up conspiracies.

Does our government really care about our safety in 2021, or is it more concerned with perpetuating Democrat rule?  I still hear the PSA announcer intoning, "If you see something, say something!"  Perhaps that should be modified in 2021 to, "If you see anyone who is not a Democrat doing something suspicious, report it.  If you see a Democrat doing something suspicious, you're hallucinating and a racist."

Image: Frame from a Homeland Security PSA ("if you see something, say something").

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