The problem when a comedy site goes from satire to predictions

My friend and I have a game we often play.  He'll read a headline to me, and it's up to me to guess whether it's a real headline or something from The Babylon Bee.  During the Trump era, I guessed correctly about half the time.  Since Biden took over, I'm wrong almost 100% of the time.  The problem is that I keep thinking crazed headlines are satire, but they're not.  As the old saying goes, the lunatics have taken over the asylum.  It turns out to be difficult to satirize societal madness.

I'm not the only one struggling with humor in 2021 America.  Seth Dillon, the CEO of The Babylon Bee, made a video for PragerU (below) in which he discusses how leftist policies and practices have killed comedy.  Instead of being in the satire business, The Babylon Bee has suddenly found itself predicting (with amazing accuracy) future headlines.  My own experience is that the headlines in The Bee and its companion real news site, Not the Bee, are indistinguishable.

For an example, tell me without looking whether this headline is The Bee or Not the Bee: "God didn't really create male and female — he just created two groups, and whatever those groups wanted to identify as was completely their choice."  Don't blame yourself if you got it wrong.  I did, too.  As I said, lately, I'm always wrong.

At some point, if we ever want to laugh again, we're going to have to claw our way back to reality.  Otherwise, we'll be mired forever in a purgatory in which laughter is forbidden because you can never tell if you're laughing at a joke or ridiculing the leader of the Once Free World.  Or put another way, no one is laughing in North Korea.

Image: Killing Comedy.  YouTube screen grab.

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