The military continues to be a gay rights activist organization

Over the years, America's armed forces have produced some really fine recruiting videos.  They've shown young men and women pushing themselves as hard as they can to become people fit to serve in America's military.  The ads have glossed over the possibility of dying and instead focused on the thrill of being a finely tuned body and mind, ready to handle amazing weapons, all in the service of one's country.  Biden's administration, however, has brought us a new kind of recruiting video, one in which a disproportionate part is dedicated to celebrating the gay lifestyle, including gay freedom parades and gay "marriage."

Let me take you on a walk down Memory Lane to see some of the best, most classic military recruiting commercials:

(Although, when it comes to the Air Force, I'm afraid this will always be my favorite video, which makes no bones about the purpose of those planes darkening the sky.)

So again, in a traditional military recruitment ad, the focus is on personal excellence and cool equipment, with the subtext that both are intended to defend the country.

And then there's what a clever friend called the latest "grotesqueery."  In this cartoon recruitment video, the narrator spends most of the movie celebrating her gay mother and the woman her mother is in a relationship with.  They sound like perfectly nice women who raised a nice woman.  The problem is that this recruitment video isn't concerned with the military.  Its real focus is on gay rights, and no, that's not an exaggeration:

This started under Obama, who worked diligently to turn the military into a social justice experiment, an effort that included, in part, purging many of the traditionalists from the upper ranks and the Pentagon.  Obama was undoubtedly aided by the fact that the officer corps is expected to be college-educated, and for the last 30 years, colleges have been cranking out indoctrinated leftists.

Trump tried to dial all this back, but by that time, the officer corps seems to have become predominantly leftists.  That's the only way to account for the fact that, in the four months since Biden entered the White House, the military has turned on a dime to focus on advancing social justice, being green, and purging Trump-supporters rather than planning to win wars.

We're getting to the point at which it seems almost reasonable to believe that, in a few years, recruits will be demanding safe spaces and trigger warnings during basic training — and won't they be surprised, when they finally go into battle, to find that the Chinese will not be providing them with either?

Image: Lesbian wedding scene in an Army recruitment video.  Twitter screen grab.

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