Royal twit: Prince Harry declares our First Amendment 'bonkers'

Prince Harry seemed determined to outdo Meghan Markle on the obnoxious celebrity front. The oafish royal on the lam from his U.K. duties, who's now set up shop here to live the billionaire lifestyle, is now, like a lot of them, telling us how to run our country. He's calling our First Amendment 'bonkers.'

Kid you not.

According to the London Spectator (hat tip: Daily Caller), citing a podcast interview that Prince Harry made with the Davos-like Aspen Institute:

I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers. I don’t want to start going down the First Amendment route because that’s a huge subject and one which I don’t understand because I’ve only been here a short time. But, you can find a loophole in anything. You can capitalise or exploit what’s not said rather than uphold what is said.

Translation: Harry doesn't have a clue. He's as baffled as Mad King George, that guy who got quite the write-up in our Declaration of Independence of 1776, about the idea of free speech. Like the Duke of Wellington, who had an issue with people moving about freely as 'escaping all proper control,' Harry's gone back to the era of bad royals trying to tamp down the public. Yet he also has the hypocrisy to do it while he insists on living with us.

The Speccie continued:

As an exercise in winning 'hearts and minds' this criticism of America's treasured civil liberties has not gone down well stateside. Comments underneath articles reporting the Duke's views include 'Hey, go home! We fought a war to get rid of Royals on our soil. No need to understand anything we do. Bye!!' and 'You can always leave if you don’t like our constitution and please find a country where you don’t have to deal with those bonker[s] rights.' Even one congressman has weighed in, with Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw claiming Harry has 'just doubled the size of my Independence Day party.'

George, though, at least did his duty in the U.K. as he saw fit. This bounder, out on the lam from his royal duties, not only is feeling free to hate on our country even as he moves to it and lives in it, but he's also feeling free to tell us what to do. Our country, see, is racist. Now it's got this godawful freedom of speech and, by golly, he's speaking out against it. What else would he like us to do, to ensure that his feelings don't get hurt?

According to Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge, this wasn't his only hypocrisy expressed in that podcast:

Moving on, the prince criticized self-made podcast host Joe Rogan for entertaining the notion that young health people don't need to get the vaccine - something Rogan has apologized for doing, even calling himself "a moron" for sharing the ideas on his podcast.

Harry mused that "in today’s world, with misinformation just endemic," people have "got to be careful about what comes out of your mouth." Celebrities like Rogan (who Harry mentioned by name) should just "stay out of it" and "not say anything at all if they don’t have anything useful to say."

Harry would do well to follow his own advice.

Given his self-absorbed other remarks, his me-me-me orientation in airing private conversations which may or may not have happened about the supposed 'racism' of his own British royal family (gad, what a violation of every law of human decency that was -- a violation of decency even if his parents were white trash), and his recent remarks criticizing his father's upbringing and consequent parenting skills, it's obvious that Harry lives off publicity at his family's expense, and is unable to think of anything outside the context of his self-absorbed feelings. There are no great ideas in his weird little celebrity bubble, there is no such thing as concepts that move nations. There's just little him, and how everyone and everything out there is so bad to him. Therefore, the First Amendment must go.

It comes at a bad time, given the actual threats from the left that the First Amendment is under, which is likely why the reaction stateside was so strong.

Realistically, chalk it up to Harry's baseline self-absorption, coupled with his Millennial ignorance of anything but wokester knowledge of U.S. history, rather than a King George style of plain regal elitism. But it's the same thing. That's a bad combination to have in a royal. The royal twit should apologize.

 Image: Northern Ireland Office, via Flickr (detail) / CC BY 2.0

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