Once again, creepy Joe is obsessing over little girls

One of the constants in Joe Biden’s political life for the past 12 years is his completely inappropriate obsession with little girls. Over the years, we’ve seen endless videos of him groping, sniffing, and whispering to prepubescent little girls. Well, he’s back, this time flirting with a little girl and commenting on how old and attractive she looks. There’s a reason we talk about “dirty old men” and Joe is it.

There is no evidence that Joe has ever sexually assaulted a child. However, there is evidence that his public behavior with children is creepy and inappropriate. If you doubt that, watch this video that pairs Biden’s conduct around little girls with a completely unrelated audio in which a specialist gives a TED talk about how pedophile predators groom little girls:

Again, I’m not accusing Joe of ever crossing the line into illegal activity – although he has been accused, often, of crossing lots of lines when it comes to grown women. Last year, Tara Reade credibly accused Joe of sexually assaulting her – an accusation that Kamala Harris said she believed. Also last year, the Secret Service admitted that it destroyed records in the case of the Veep Biden using the opportunity of a photograph with a Secret Service agent and his girlfriend to grab the girlfriend’s breast. Already back in 2017, when Biden seemed to have retired, a former Secret Service agent had some things to say about the former Veep:

A former Secret Service agent assigned to the Vice President Joe Biden residence claims that the Service often had to protect female agents from him.
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Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the agent asserted that, “We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses.” The annual party was for agents and Navy personnel who were tasked with protecting the Biden family.

“He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible,” the agent said.

Given that track record, it somehow seems utterly predictable that, when Biden saw a little girl on the stage with him, he called her out and promptly sexualized her:

While leftists were shrieking about President Trump’s completely accurate statement that, when you’re rich and powerful, women will let you take liberties, Joe Biden was giving meaning to the phrase “dirty old man.”

IMAGE: Joe Biden fondles a little girl. YouTube screengrab.

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