Let's invent an anti–Critical Race Theory

Way back at the dawn of the Woke Age, I started writing about "Activism Culture."  I first mentioned "activism culture" as a thing in June 2015, by asking how the next Republican president could beat the liberal activism culture.  What clued me in was a liberal friend who had told me she had always wanted to "do activism."

Now the Biden administration plans to mandate federally funded "action civics" and Critical Race Theory in America's education system.  Oh, I thought: "Action Civics."  So that's what liberals call the "activism culture."

Action Civics is all about teaching kiddies to be political activists and do peaceful protests.  Here are Earth ForceGeneration Citizen, and La Wik.  Can you spell Greta Thunberg?

The idea is that students debate a political issue, analyze the root causes, develop an action plan, and then engage with the political system.  Earth Force started with two fourth-grade girls who wanted to ban polystyrene foam back in 1989.

Sounds innocent, except you can bet your bottom dollar that no teacher in the Biden Action Civics program is going to discuss the homeless problem with his students or analyze what Curtis Yarvin calls the "human rubble of the old regime's failed experiments."  They won't decide that the root cause is progressivism itself and that the solution is to reform the welfare state from top to bottom to defeat every Democrat from Nancy Pelosi to AOC.  Heavens no!

Activism is not about forming a theory critical of the progressive agenda, its policy prescriptions, and its dismal results.  Progressivism is like a shark, always going forward, never going back, always fighting as allies for the "oppressed peoples" and biting chunks out of the "White oppressors."

But what if the "oppressed peoples" are instead the "human rubble" of a century of progressive activism and the programs it inspired?  What if kiddie Action Civics is just the entry-level drug to destructive progressive activism?  Never mind.  Let's get to work to purge the world of "Uncle Tims."

Or suppose you and your students in Action Civics all agree on a problem and the root cause and the solution, and you convince the politicians to enact a program, and the program makes things worse?  Suppose that "experts agree" that your Critical Race Theory re-education camps make racism and race relations worse?

I have an idea for a comprehensive and mandatory government program for our education system.  First, a program of Startup Civics.  Children get together with local businessmen and come up with ideas for community mutual support.  There is only one rule: that the ideas do not involve government, regulation, sauntering politicians, taxation, and free stuff.  Second, a mandatory program of Critical Waste Theory to teach children about the shame and the evil of systemic waste oppressors down the ages.

Critical Waste Theory?  OK, I just made it up.

See, ever since the dawn of time, rulers have been obsessed with disposing of the waste population.  America is no exception.  Do you think America was founded in 1620 with the Pilgrims?  Wrong.  Do you think America was founded in 1619 with the first slave ship?  Wrong.  America was founded in 1584, when the first ship of white trash arrived off Virginia.  It was a project of Sir Walter Raleigh, to ship the waste population of England, the scum of the Earth, to the Americas.

Over the years, we've developed all kinds of names for the white trash in question:  Waste people.  Offscourings.  Lubbers...  White trash.  Rednecks.  Trailer trash.  And now bitter clingers and deplorables.

Critical Waste Theory will teach our children all about the sordid history of anti-waste supremacy, of systemic waste disposal:

How the medieval waste-ists created the guild system to keep the feudal waste population from working in the cities; how vagabond laws were created to punish the Early Modern "idle and loitering serving men"; how Poor Laws kept the poor institutionalized in workhouses; how African slavery banished the White trash to the hills and hollows; how pro-union laws encouraged workers to price themselves out of the market; how minimum wage laws kept the poorest people idle and ignorant; how mass immigration hurt the low-paid and low-skilled; how government pensions taxed workers out of the opportunity to save and transmit wealth to their children; how welfare broke up the low-income family.

It is a tale of successive evil and powerful waste-ist elites who have never missed a chance to grind the ordinary schmuck into indigence and to glorify themselves.

Notice the difference between Critical Race Theory and Critical Waste Theory?  One theory is a lying celebration of our existing ruling class and its moral pantomime to divide the races; the other theory blasts all ruling classes to smithereens for their eerily consistent trash-disposal ruling strategy.

Which narrative do you like?

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on U.S. government finances, usgovernmentspending.com.  Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

Image: Homeless in San Francisco.  YouTube screen grab.

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