Leftism: The snake is eating itself

Leftist theory has become terminally self-contradictory. Like a snake eating itself, leftism ensures its own doom.  Unfortunately, it can take down much of the society with it.

Its self-contradictions are numerous.  As one begins to add up all the popular leftist causes from the 1960s onward, we find a growing number of striking inconsistencies.  For example, the empowerment of women has morphed into the empowerment of men who think they are women, who then displace real women.  The concern for the working class has now become concern for illegal aliens, who are displacing the working class by taking jobs at substandard wages.  The anti-war movement has become a forever-war movement.  The free speech movement is now the practice of censorship.  Free health care is now a health dictatorship (enforced mask mandates).  Voter access is now voter fraud.  College admissions quotas now discriminate against some minorities, especially Asians.  Conservative speech is labeled as violence, while leftist violence is labeled speech.

The alliance of the left's various fringe causes is represented by the diversity flag of many colors, supposedly symbolizing unity and harmony.  The reality is that those various causes are being pitted against each other.

Leftism's allure has always been about redistribution of wealth.  This generosity with other peoples' money produces the illusion of equality, at least while there is plenty to distribute — but leftism is now killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.  Funding its profligacy by onerous taxation can quickly bankrupt any economy.  Excessive overregulation can only stifle investment, reduce competition, and drive up prices while suppressing wages.

When there is finally nothing more to distribute, total collapse must follow.  It does not take an economic genius to see this.  On the contrary, it requires economic dolts with worthless paper degrees to enthusiastically push for more of the same destructive policies.

We are not yet at the point of final collapse, but inevitably, we will be — unless we figure out some way to reverse the death spiral and then win this existential war of ideologies.

Can we?

Image: fsHH via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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