Kamala Harris lectures the Salvadorans on court-packing

Forty something days after being named Joe Biden's border czar, Kamala Harris has gotten on the phone.

What's she telling the leaders of Central American nations whose nationals are doing what California's nationals are doing, which is pulling up stakes and heading to another place for something better?

Lecturing them on court-packing, or well, their nations' "independent judiciaries":

According to Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris stressed the need for an "independent" judiciary in El Salvador on Sunday, even as she has yet to speak out against a Democratic attempt to pack the Supreme Court.

"We have deep concerns about El Salvador’s democracy, in light of the National Assembly’s vote to remove constitutional court judges," Harris wrote on Twitter. "An independent judiciary is critical to a healthy democracy – and to a strong economy."

 Well, gee. Seems the socialists running El Salvador and selling their nation's soul to China, have decided to do what Democrats do, and rig the courts so they'll always vote the ruling party's way.

Like court packing, see how that works?

We haven't heard a thing from Harris on the Democrats' scheme to court-pack and rig the Supreme Court to always vote the Democrats' way here now, have we?

Yet Harris, whose earlier career was as a prosecutor, supposedly with some knowledge of the law, (despite all those failed bar exams), is going along with the talking points from human rights groups or maybe State department officials that court-rigging is bad, but only in other countries.

You can bet the Salvadoran leaders hearing this lecture are rolling their eyes, and carrying on as they usually do. For a former prosecutor, she's not exactly persuasive.

As for court-packing, that's some "root cause" of mass migration that Harris has uncovered, is it not? Picture it, though: Two characters purportedly talking about mass migration, with one lecturing the other about how he's running his country -- yet doing the same thing herself. And the other one knows it.

Sound like an effective plan for getting the Salvadoran government to change its mind about court-packing? Not in anyone sane's book.

Harris, meanwhile, continues to ignore the border as irrelevant to "root causes," essentially claiming there's nothing to learn from migrants about why they migrate, or any of the real reasons for it.

She might learn, as the news media have reported, that Joe Biden's invitation to migrants, promising unaccompanied kids and some families that they'd never be sent back if they cross illegally had something to do with this -- or, she could read the Biden t-shirts of some of them and get a clue. 

She could learn that Biden's stoppage of construction of the border wall has intensified the Biden border invitation to them and their cartel sponsors, as it makes illegal crossing easier.

She could learn that all her buddies in Facebook are serving as the communication means of choice of human-smuggling cartels, who are whipping up business through social media, with some citing Joe Biden's invitations to cross as their sales pitches. The Biden/Harris administration is trying to dissuade illegals from illegally crossing through radio ads, which apparently no one listens to, not the way they do to social media. Meanwhile, Democrats are not about to halt Facebook and all its crime-enabling operations, which is actually fueling the border surge.

Another slew of root causes missed by Kamala.

Nope, she's out lecturing the Latin Americans on court-packing the way the imperialists do, as if an argument that they need to revamp their entire government is somehow going to end corruption, hellish conditions for locals, or the urge to migrate, under their ruling socialists. Thanks, Kamala, never thought of it that way. We always wanted a colonial master telling us how to run our country, especially here in Latin America where we've always been fond of those gringo interventions, the logic goes.

It's idiocy. And she's obviously clueless. She hasn't the faintest understanding about why thousands of Central Americans are crossing illegally into the U.S., and very strangely, seems to think that asking their detested rulers about it is an actual way to get the root causes of a huge exodus. This is like someone going to Gavin Newsom of California and getting his answer as to why Californians are fleeing his state.

It's as strong an argument as any that her failure to go to the border is what she'd need to do if she were serious about all those "root causes." You don't ask a failed ruler for that kind of information, you ask the people voting with their feet.

But of course, she's either stupid, or she's not serious about this border gig Biden fobbed off onto her. Probably both.

Image: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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