Joe Biden's big spending plan for ... the IRS

Joe Biden is a big spender. He's spent oodles of time attempting to sell his "infrastructure plan" which is pretty much the green new deal with another name. All sorts of things, such as child care, become "infrastructure" under this cure-all. Which of course, he says is all "paid for."

We've already seem some of the effects of his spending binge -- in inflation, a savage tax on savings.

Here's another:

President Joe Biden is proposing to double the size of the IRS, by hiring nearly 87,000 new workers over the next decade, as part of a sweeping plan to chase down tax cheats.

The hiring spree, part of a bid to increase IRS funding by $80 billion, would be phased in to give the department time to adjust, the Treasury Department said in a report Thursday.

The agency’s workforce would never grow by more than a “manageable” 15 percent each year. And its total budget would increase by about 10 percent annually.

At the same time, the administration wants to require financial institutions and other businesses to report a lot more information about the money coursing through their customers’ accounts — a proposal designed to put the fear of the IRS in the hearts of tax scofflaws.

It’s part of a concerted effort by the administration to go after uncollected taxes owed by large corporations, partnerships and wealthy individuals — money Democrats want to use to finance their big-ticket spending plans.

Which sounds just a little bit chilling, given the IRS's thus-far unpunished record of selectively targeting and going after opponents of Democratic administrations, as happened during the Obama administration. Remember Lois Lerner? Lois Lerner has retired to her mansion, but all the little Lois Lerners are still there, and now expected to grow in number

Think a bigger, beefed-up IRS would be able to restrain itself from politicized enforcement this time? Take a guess.

Amazing what a federal agency can do with all that new money, all those new bank surveillance powers, and all that fresh manpower, twiddling its thumbs and looking for something to do with itself with far-left political bosses to please. And typically, any law enforcement agency forced to expand rapidly will hire a lot of skeezy new employees, who'll pretty quickly be caught in corruption. That's what's happened at other agencies, anyone think the IRS might be different?

According to Politico, the agency is expected to recoup $700 billion for the federal Treasury from this effort, as if low taxes paid among big investors isn't generally a matter of loopholes in the law, rather than actual thievery. Yes, tax laws should be enforced, but what's likely to happen is the IRS will go after the smalltime trucker who had so many medical bills he couldn't pay his taxes properly, just like the guy in the Optima Tax Relief ad.

According to Politico, that's the base they are working with:

About 80 percent of that tax gap is attributable to people underreporting their incomes or taking too many deductions. The rest is people either not filing returns at all, or doing their taxes correctly and failing to pay what they owe.

Which doesn't sound like the rich wastrel hiding his untaxed income out in the Cayman Islands and living it up of the Biden-like legend. For that matter, it doesn't sound like the illegal alien who gets paid under the table and sends remittances to El Salvador instead of pay taxes, which doesn't even get mentioned. There are 12 million to 30 million illegal aliens in the country now, and more now due to the border surges, so there's quite some uncollected taxes on that front that don't sound like targets for enforcement.

Biden, of course, will sell the plan as a 'rich are dishonest' who 'don't pay their fair share' to Congress, which is what he does when he calls for tax hikes on 'the rich,' meaning, middle class. In reality, it's a war on the little guy who's got a choice to pay his credit card bills, his medical bills, or his tax bills, and picks the wrong one. It also could be political.

Call it part of Biden's war on the little guy, or Biden's war on Trump supporters, sold as a big gravy train. It's part and parcel of big huge government he bills as so wonderful.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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