So where'd all that BLM corporate cash go? Start with a babydaddy of very little talent...

Black Lives Matter, which has taken in $90 million in largely big corporate contributions, yet has been blasted by Breonna Taylor's mother as a "fraud" for doing nothing for her except raise money off her daughter's death, does indeed have some way of spending all those sitting corporate millions.

On incompetence, overpayments, and cronyism, according to an investigative report from the Daily Caller News Foundation:

Black Lives Matter PAC, which was founded and led by activist Patrisse Cullors, paid an art company run by the father of her only child nearly $150,000 to co-produce live election coverage, campaign and social media records show. Industry experts said it should have cost a fraction of that price.

The three-hour live stream, which ran on Cullors' personal YouTube channel on election night in November, was mired with audio and technical issues for much of the production. The stream, which remains online but is currently unlisted on Cullors' YouTube channel, received just over 3,200 views as of Wednesday despite coverage by the Los Angeles Times.

The owners of two video production companies that have been in business for a combined six decades lampooned the quality of the live stream and said it should have cost no more than $55,000 to competently produce such an event.

What they got was bottom-tier.  Amateur hour.  The report goes into details from experts in the field, describing lost sound, flickering sound, bad lighting, bad camera filtering, green skin, granny-at-the-controls Zoom incompetence, a five-minute sound blackout, crossed cables, bad camera angles, a flat set, distorted sound — the whole description of what went wrong coming from video pros was hilarious.  The $148,300 spent drew for BLM all of 3,200 viewers and is not listed on any of Cullors's YouTube channels.

Yet they paid three times retail for this Trap Heals production, clearly to someone who doesn't know how to produce professional livestream video beyond a flunkeroo student level.

It turns out that it seems to be produced by one Damon J. Turner, a man of apparently zero education ("life university," he says), who served as lesbian BLM leader and "trained Marxist" Patrisse Cullors's baby daddy servicer, the father of her son.  He's the leader of this operation.

Worse still, apparently Cullors is listed as the co-chair of Trap Heals, which produced the disaster, which points to self-dealing. According to a legal source quoted by the Caller:

"Besides paying Trap Heals almost $150,000 to produce an unprofessional video that high school students would be embarrassed to produce, the excessive payments by Cullors to Trap Heals that she co-chairs with the father of her child raises serious questions whether political contributions to BLM PAC were not only misspent but also enriched her personally," said Paul Kamenar, counsel to the conservative watchdog group National Legal and Policy Center.

Anybody at BLM ask him for a refund?  If so, haven't heard about it.

The entity that paid for all that incompetence was the BLM PAC, which is one of three arms of the mothership Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, according to the Black Lives Matter official website.

Turner, meanwhile, who got the cash for his Trap Heals production company, says he's an "artist."

Here's an example of Turner's musical "talent," linked on his website — a wall of squalling, yelling, and profanity, with the N-word, the Sh-word, the F-word, and other usual old language of the genre dominant.  Must be heard to be believed.

I'd rather listen to a bobcat screaming.

It drew all of two "likes" on YouTube.

Not exactly an "influencer," it appears.  But Turner sure knows how to draw cash from someplace.

This has created some weird scenarios.

Here's a prim academic-sounding analysis from assorted beautiful-people Los Angeles entertainment industry hipsters with professional makeup, all but one of them white, Latino, or Asian, one with a plummy Masterpiece Theatre–style British accent, with a group called GoodTrouble, which seems to be some kind of television production, describing the significance of something called "trap" music in the most gushy flattering of terms despite its wretched content, and creating a plug for Trap Heals "that harnesses trap music" blah blah blah for some kind of claimed good.  They argue that this inchoate gibbering is actually misunderstood yet important, and they sound for all the world like the flatterers of the emperor and his new clothes:

In light of what we so far see, one wonders if maybe they like him for his money, because it sure as heck can't be his music or tech prowess.

Here's another thing about Trap Heals that raises a red flag.  As someone with a tiny amount of training in web design and coding, Trap Heals, apparently, can't even do a technically proficient website for itself, either.

Look at its site!  Links don't work or are not there at all, email requests in dark fonts are buried in dark colors, rendering them nearly invisible, Jumbotron photos are oversized and don't fit properly, navigation on the home page is absent, navigation elsewhere is chaotic, the site is not entirely responsive, and what's with the gargantuan doobie taking up the entire space on the "about" page?  There was so much wrong that I checked the Google developer tools to see who did it...and it was not clear.  Nobody signed it.  I saw a slew of "devtools failed to load" code, about 11 of them, and a host of blown-out CSS, including the fonts, all of which is put there to style the page, plus a rather outdated use of "div" used in assembling the code. 

Trap Heals couldn't get someone to learn to code, or just spring for a professional web designer?  It's weird.

Compare and contrast with the Black Lives Matter website, which most certainly did hire a pro — that's an ace website, technically speaking, with an elegant design, good use of color, responsiveness, consistent styling, strong logo, links that work, UX/UI user-friendliness, good navigation, economy of loading, image optimization, etc.

Apparently, they don't know what they are doing at all over at Trap Heals and haven't been hooked up with the BLM web designer who knows how to do this.

This brings us back to the bizarre use of cash from the Cullors–led and founded Black Lives Matter.  Cullors has been accused already of living high on the hog off her BLM earnings — buying mansions as far as the Bahamas and taking time off at a tony Malibu resort.  Her defenders say she did earn the cash, given the size of her organization, the comparable salaries of other leftist NGO honchos, her book deals, and her assorted Hollywood game playings — which touched off a controversy with the Golden Globes, who had a member who appeared to be jealous of her lucrative maneuverings.  Maybe so.

But the cash to this incompetent seems to be more like a clearer case of apparent self-dealing, given the obvious overpayment and personal relationship.

Could it have been the only instance, or could it have been part of a pattern?  Seems the lawsuit the legal activist group is threatening to force the group to open its books and make itself accountable might just be a good idea.  

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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