It's possible that Biden faked a basic task

Thomas Lifson caught the fact that Biden made a joke that would have sent journalists screaming to their psychiatrists had President Trump made it: when they asked about Israel, he said he'd run them over.  What someone noticed later is that, in addition to threatening violence to journalists who made him uncomfortable, Biden may have been faking that he was driving.  Sharp-eyed observers noted that his steering wheel didn't control the tires and believe that someone else was driving the car.

To fully appreciate just how big this possible fake was, let me quote Thomas Lifson (emphasis mine):

During an unscheduled visit to Ford's Dearborn test track, President Biden got behind the wheel of an electric powered F-150 pickup truck and drove it at high speed, returning to the gaggle of reporters to speak with them.  

The message is clear: Biden isn't a doddering puppet.  Instead, he's a hip, with it, high-speed driver of electric-powered pickup trucks.  He's the classic American man, with a cool New Age environmental twist.

Too bad this may well have been just another Democrat con.  In fact, if you watch slo-mo footage of the event, it appears very much as if Biden has a dummy steering wheel.  It looks as if the real work is being done by the person sitting next to him.  If that's the case, it's nothing that new or special.  Those of us who still got driver's ed at high school remember that the schools had specialty cars that gave the teacher, seated shotgun, a steering wheel and pedals to take control of the car if need be.

(Did you catch the sycophantic love from the media?  It made me slightly nauseated, like eating a spoonful of saccharine.)


This slo-mo video clearly shows that, when Biden turns the steering wheel to the right, the car's tires remain straight.  That is a pretty good sign that his steering wheel is not connected to the tires (hat tip: Gateway Pundit):




If this theory is correct (and I'm inclined to think it is, although you'll notice that I carefully hedged my language to avoid an unequivocal statement that can later be proven false), you know who Joe is, right?

America has fallen far lower than any of us could ever have imagined if the man in the Oval Office is imitating a Maggie Simpson moment.

Update: The AP claims Biden was driving:

There's no truth to these claims, according to Melissa Miller, manager of government and public policy communications at Ford.

"There was only one steering wheel in the vehicle the president drove yesterday," Miller said in an email Wednesday.

Photos and videos of the event show that the passenger in the vehicle, who was identified to reporters as a member of Biden's Secret Service detail, was adjusting a camera that was resting on the dashboard, not operating the car.

Associated Press photos of the inside of the vehicle show the right side of the dashboard was obstructed by a black cloth covering, which car experts say is typical in prototype vehicles before they are released.

"Cloth coverings are very common on the interior of prototype vehicles because they're designed to hide the dashboard from prying eyes before the product is officially released to the market," said Billy Rehbock, social media editor at the automotive website MotorTrend.

Image: Joe behind the wheel. Twitter screen grab.

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