Exercising our legal right to freedom from medical tyranny

I had a thought that, maybe, some of you who are in the legal profession can expand upon.  I'll just put it out here and hope you all can give both me and our American Thinker readers some free expert advice.  My little form, below, is undoubtedly not up to snuff legally, as I'm a retired chef, not a lawyer.  This is an idea meant to start the ball rolling if there is indeed a ball to roll.

I'm leery of our vaccines.  That's partly because I know people who got bad diseases immediately following flu shots — Guillain-Barre syndrome and MS.  I know that may be circumstantial, but my gut tells me it's not.  I keep up with the data on the COVID shot reactions, which are infinitely more widespread than reactions to the flu shot.  I have also seen bad reactions among many local people taking these new vaxxes, from several days of flu-like symptoms (routine reaction) to hospitalization for anaphylactic shock.

I'm certain that people ought to be given the option to have an antibody test before taking the shot.  As far as I know, if you have had COVID, you just don't need to be jabbed!  The people who think they had COVID (but just sweated it out at home, many of them back at the beginning of the pandemic) have had the strongest negative reactions to the shots.  The Democrat demand for blanket vaccinations and vaccine passports doesn't take this into account at all, thus discriminating against people who survived the infection.

That said, I also know several well educated chemists who think the COVID vaccines are A-OK.  The jury is still out and will be for another nine or ten years.

So, as I've said before, I am not going to tell anyone else how to think about this issue, but I will reserve my option to live my life without the vaccine.  What disturbs me is how it's being pushed upon people who have to work or go to school.  Soon, they'll say the kids in K–12 who haven't been vaccinated must remain masked next school year.

I've come up with this little form as an aid to explain why a person might not want to be vaccinated.  Play around with the idea as I did, always remembering that I am not a lawyer and that this is a thought experiment.


Dated: ________________, 2021

Name of Employer/Educational Institution: __________________

It is a fact that [your name] has accepted employment at the company named above/been accepted to attend classes at the above-named institution and was subsequently asked to provide proof of vaccination as a condition to starting the job/matriculating.

I acknowledge that all the current COVID vaccines possess only emergency use permits and that they have not undergone normal, rigorous drug trials. I am aware that nobody knows, therefore nobody can accurately predict, the long-term effects that might be attributed to the vaccines.

I acknowledge that inquiring whether the person named above has been vaccinated is an invasion of privacy.

I acknowledge that known, serious post-vaccination ill-effects exist and are documented on the government VAERS database. These include, but are not limited to, the following:


Blood clots



Bell's Palsy

Guillain-Barre syndrome


I further acknowledge that there is speculation that the vaccine, over time, could cause prion formation (AKA "mad cow disease"), leading to the vaccinated person's inability to live a conscious life, to a requirement for long-term care, and ultimately, to death.  This has neither been proven nor disproven.

I swear, as an official representative of [employer or educational institution requiring proof of vaccination], that this [company/ educational institution] will indemnify the above-named employee from any ill effects, illness, or condition, up to and including death, for a period of ten years (the combined normal term of phase 2, 3, and 4 clinical trials of any new drug or vaccine) that the vaccination causes.

By signing below, I agree to cover the cost of all medical treatment required to address any problem caused by the vaccine taken in order to commence employment/classes.

I further agree to pay restitution in case that the above-named person is disabled due to the vaccine, until such condition is resolved, in an amount equal to the [offered salary/cost of attending the school or university] per annum, plus $200,000 for expenses per annum.  I further agree, in the case of permanent disability, to provide support, annually adjusted for inflation, in the same amount, for the life of the person named above.

In the case of death due to the vaccination, I agree to pay the family of the deceased $10,000,000 as an immediate, one-time payment.

By signing below, I agree to all the terms herein.



I hope this idea of mine gets people thinking about what their rights are in a (still) free America.  Maybe one day a real lawyer can take this idea and run with it. 

Image: COVID-19 Vaccine by Ali Raza.  Public Domain.

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