Dov Hikind calls out the Democrats' pathetic opposition to anti-Semitism

On Monday, after weeks of escalating violence against Jews across America, Joe Biden finally roused himself to issue a statement condemning anti-Semitism, although he couldn't bring himself to utter the word.  Instead, it's a weak plea for "all of us" to step in and stop the "hate."  However, when compared to Biden's fellow Democrats, it stands up well.

Dov Hikind, a former Democrat assemblyman in New York State, put together a scathing Twitter thread showing how pathetic "condemnations" of anti-Semitism from his fellow Democrats and other leftists really are.

In example after example, Hikind points out that the same Democrats who eventually, like Joe, said anti-Semitism is bad always coupled it with other bad things.  This was invariably in strong contrast to their strident and repeated outrage over perceived Islamophobia or actual anti-Asian violence.  I especially like his reference to the Hamas Congressional Congress, which is either "The Squad" or the Congressional Black Caucus, I'm not sure which:

By the way, just for the sake of completion, here’s Biden's flaccid condemnation, not of anti-Semitism, a scourge that's killed untold millions of Jews over the centuries, culminating in the Holocaust, but simply of "hate":

What a useless goober that man in the White House is.

The only problem I have with it is that Hikind constantly refers to the far left as if it's separate from the Democrat party.  He's wrong.

What Hikind is describing is today's Democrat party, and it's been profoundly reconfigured from the Democrat party of just twenty years ago.  Today's party is no longer a blue-collar, pro-American labor, generally pro-American, pro-Israel party.  It is, instead, a purely Marxist organization that has embraced the anti-Semitism that has been inherent in communism since Marx himself and that saw both Stalin and Hitler slaughter Jews (although Stalin lacked Hitler's fervor).

Image: What’s under Ilhan Omar’s headscarf, from Right of Center by Broc Smith.

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