China's war with the West

Monica Showalter's great piece on the legal "global warming" war against Big Oil compels me to write because, if there's one thing I've learned, it is that if a politician starts bleating about "science," there's money involved.  As a science guy, when I first heard about global warming, I started looking at the numbers, and they didn't make sense: there was no statistical evidence for warming, just conjecture and manipulation.  I wrote it off as grant money hunger — a disease common among the less productive.

Then I started hearing politicians jump on the bandwagon, which made no scientific sense.  Most congresspeople are lawyers, so why would they embrace something they likely don't understand?  What would be their objective?  I concluded that their policies were driving profit from their being early investors in "green technology."  I also thought it was copacetic with a cynical Wall Street forcing citizens onto global carbon exchanges to fleece them.

That still did not explain why the West would want to commit economic suicide by discarding its cheap, reliable ability to produce food and the means of civilization when other great continents of humanity — e.g., Russia, Africa, India, and China — all populous and in growth mode, have little ability or will to follow.  Cui bono — who benefits?  I have concluded that this is China's war against the West, because nothing else makes sense.

In the 1800s, China was opening to Western trade.  It had, for a long time, happily exported silk and ceramic-ware synonymous with the country, but it considered reciprocal trade beneath it.  How could trade with socially inferior pirates (whom they denominated "invaders") possibly benefit a culture that had invented the compass, the printing press, and gunpowder?

This mentality fed arrogance and repeated failure to understand their adversary.  Britain's and France's "opium wars" started because Chinese officials would sign trade treaties and then disregard them.  (There were other issues, such as attacks on British civilians and capture and torture of diplomats.)  The wars ultimately ended with a British and French force of about 17,000, with extended supply lines and little rear echelon support, humiliating a force of over 100,000 cannon- and musket-armed imperial troops at their emperor's front door.

The Chinese, though changing their "imperial" flags for "communist" flags, have never forgotten that humiliation, a deep and abiding shame in Chinese culture.  They harbor deep resentment against those whom they still regard as their inferiors.  But they've also learned to study their enemy and play a long game.  And they understand corruption.

My grandfather was repeatedly forced to pay bribes to Chinese officials as a condition of doing business there.  The Chinese know how to "export" such tactics.  Now we find ourselves in a situation where our politicians have taken their thirty pieces of Chinese silver and are falling over themselves to force us into dependency on "green" technology in the name of "global warming," a technology almost exclusively made in...drum roll...China!

Maybe our susceptible politicians think that they can feed the crocodile so it will eat them last and then be just as treacherous and double-cross China in the end, but that is naïve.  China has gained control over many vital resources.  The public knows about rare earth metals used in electric motors and lasers, but China controls many other vital resources, such as precursor chemicals used in food and drug manufacture, strategic alloys for operations like refineries, many tools, and electronic components.  The list is long and one without which our industrial/military capacity is seriously compromised.

Think about it: if we do away with most of our domestic oil production and refining capacity in the name of "green," relying completely on imports, and our fuel suppliers start getting queasy about whether they might offend the ever more powerful Chinese, how do we fly fighter jets?  We might have nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, but have you ever seen the size of the support fleet that accompanies a carrier?  They're all conventionally powered.  With no fuel, a carrier is naked, and a naked carrier never sails.

Global warming and the green movement are the Trojan horses that will ultimately disarm us.  Moreover, the social weapon of "racism," a concept rife in our Chinese-influenced universities, is something the Chinese understand intimately.  It will tear us apart before we ever get to arms.  We need to disengage and understand the nature of this attack.

By the way, don't worry too much about cooling.  In the long term, the sun will expand, and the earth will be burned to atoms, but that's billions of years away.  In the short term, if it gets cold, we just move south.  The oil basin underneath Los Angeles was a lush green forest for millions of years, which is where the oil came from.  Unless there's an extinction event like an asteroid, we just move.  It's the people who know how to farm who will ultimately survive.  If the climate moves, farmers move with it.

Henley Hornbrook is a pseudonym.

Image: Military parade in China 2019.  YouTube screen grab.

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