Leftists lick their chops for Big Oil here after leftist judge in the Netherlands blames Shell for global warming

In what has to be the most appalling court ruling coming out of western Europe in years, a leftist judge in the Netherlands held Royal Dutch Shell at least in part responsible for global warming and therefore obliged to cut emissions to Paris climate accord-dictated levels, which should put a damper on its productive capacities. Here was the Wall Street Journal report that ran a few days ago:

A Dutch court on Wednesday ruled that Royal Dutch Shell RDS.A -0.52% PLC is partially responsible for climate change and ordered the company to reduce its carbon emissions, a first-of-its-kind ruling that adds fresh pressure on oil-and-gas companies already facing heightened scrutiny from governments and investors.
The ruling, issued by the district court in The Hague and stemming from a lawsuit brought by environmental groups, found Shell must curb its carbon emissions by 45% by 2030, compared with 2019 levels. This is in line with United Nations guidance for member states aimed at preventing global temperatures rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.
Lawyers and consultants said the ruling could set a precedent in other Western jurisdictions, particularly in Europe, opening oil companies to new legal jeopardy over their carbon emissions. Companies in other heavy polluting industries could also face greater environmental scrutiny, they added.

Which is garbage. There is no man-caused global warming to start with and notice that these leftist NGO clowns who brought this suit had no such lawsuits in their quiver for Red China, the world's biggest polluter. They knew where the easy pickings and the useful judges were, so they targeted Shell, which has already bent over backward to comply with their global warming carbon emissions demands.

Now it's worse: Turns out all the little lefties with big ambitions are targeting oil companies in the U.S. (as well as Europe) on the same greedy-idiot logic:

According to Reuters:

A Dutch court’s decision to force Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L) to make deeper, faster cuts to its climate warming emissions on the basis of human rights could set a precedent, especially in European countries, according to lawyers and activists.

The court on Wednesday ordered the Anglo-Dutch company to slash its global greenhouse gas emissions, which stood at around 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2019, by 45% by 2030. read more Shell said it would appeal the decision forcing it to cut by an amount roughly equivalent to four times Britain's annual emissions. [chart showing how Shell has already reduced emissions over the last few years]

"We expect a ripple effect into other jurisdictions. Now that we have this first established liability, it definitely creates a momentum we can build on," said Roger Cox, lawyer for activist group Friends of the Earth, which brought the case along with Greenpeace, other activists and Dutch citizens.

The carbon emissions levels cuts arbitrarily set by unelected European bureaucrats are below those of the U.S.'s worst-hit states which have already embraced such follies, which would take a heck of a bite out of Shell's production and force the rise of energy prices, a leftist gift to the poor, who will have to pay for those higher prices. So much for the leftist claim that oil companies have a "duty of care." Nobody cares about those poor people, or those jobs lost or those jobs never created as this hideous court order goes into effect. Economic stagnation is no concern of theirs, in fact, the more stagnation, the better, they got theirs. None of these creeps are going to care in the slightest when greenie mandates create brownouts and the electricity goes out in the hospitals, cutting off people on life support, or the prisons get no heat when the power goes out during a cold wave. 

The irony here is that these leftist NGOs who cooked up this lawsuit strategy, probably did it under gas-powered electrical lighting and then drove to the courthouse in gasoline-powered vehicles. They would have consumed fossil even if their cars were electric, given that natural gas and coal are used to fire up those battery recharging stations. They undoubtedly used computers -- manufactured and powered by fossil fuels.

They sat there consuming Big Oil's products and creating untold carbon emissions all to get some ignorant leftist judge in a Eurotrash courtroom to blame Big Oil for global warming. And now the others are getting ideas.

The Journal notes one here:

More recently, governments and shareholders have also ratcheted up the pressure on the industry. Elsewhere on Wednesday, an activist investor won at least two seats on the board of Exxon Mobil Corp. in a historic defeat for the oil giant that will likely force it to alter its climate strategy.

Reuters has more, citing a left-wing lawyer:

"I think it's quite likely that we'll see other lawsuits filed in other jurisdictions, seeking to accomplish the same thing," he said, noting a similar case is pending against Total in France.


There are about 425 pending climate lawsuits in various countries and about 1,375 lawsuits in U.S. courts, according to the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School. read more

The U.S. cases target the industry, while most cases in other jurisdictions take aim at governments.

So rest assured, they're geting ready, and with Joe Biden in the saddle at the WhiteHouse, looking forward to all of his left-wing judicial appointees.

The Journal concluded with this, citing an industry expert:

“This judgment will not only send shivers down the collective spines of the oil industry, but of all the other industries that significantly contribute to the greenhouse gases,” said Martyn Day, a lawyer at Leigh Day, a London-based law firm that has been involved in other pollution cases against Shell.

Which tells us two things: Big Oil is in for hell in the coming years as court clowns copycat this bad ruling from an ignorant Dutch judge. Production costs will rise, and production will go down. California Model, anyone? This could be California cubed.

Two, Big Oil needs to get much more assertive than it's been getting. Its efforts to drive emissions lower have only been met with bigger lawsuits and more onerous and impossible-to-attain demands. It needs to start openly questioning global warming and all its mendacious claims, if not pointing the finger to China and insisting that activists go there instead. It's put so much effort into greenie-kowtowing in the hopes that the green crocodile will eat it last that it now finds itself tops on the menu.

Greenie leftists want nothing more than to see all of humanity back to mud huts and outhouses, completely bereft of progress, on the religious myth that global warming is real. They'll do this if they can get away with it and don't think they aren't trying as they target Big Oil. Big Oil barely stands up for itself in this day and age, fearing the loss of the "youth vote" or something, and letting itself getting taken down by morons in the process. It's time for Big Oil to stand up for itself and its product, not let greenie Lilliputians encircle it with string. The sooner it wakes up and does so, the better.

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