Blue state, blue mask blues

Back in April, I wrote an article on masks here on American Thinker.  Part of the article was just me, kvetching about having to wear the useless face diapers, especially outdoors.  Since then, the CDC has come out with "new" guidance saying that wearing masks outdoors is unnecessary. Try telling anyone around here (the S.F. Bay area), though, to take their outdoor masks off.

Most people on the street are masked up, toddlers included.  We still have farmers at the Saturday market who won't sell to you unless you're wearing one.  Thankfully, there are other, friendlier farmers from whom to buy.  I categorically refuse to wear a mask outdoors, ever again, period.

Sixteen months ago, when we were first told to wear them, after first being told why we shouldn't, I thought (and said) outdoor masks were useless.  I got excoriated for saying (with no medical degree, just logic) that sunshine is a great disinfectant, and exercise is a great way to stay healthy.  I noted that our lungs need to breathe fresh air and that our immune systems need the stimulus of external pathogens in the air to keep functioning properly.

Having studied factual history, I recalled how the European explorers brought new pathogens to which the indigenous people had never developed immunity — pathogens that had no effect on the explorers but that killed off existing populations.  I wondered if we'd have that problem after long-term masking.  This was before I realized that masks do nothing to stop viruses.

Back then, my little burg put yellow caution tape around every park, and the state, in its infinite wisdom, closed all the beaches.  Posted signage all over town told us to shut up and stay indoors.  We didn't know any better, so we learned to obey.  All I can say is, thank goodness "back then" is over.

The good news is, maybe, come June 15, a mysteriously magical day in California history, all masks can come off.  We are supposed to open.  Finally, a desperate, clinging-to-his-office Governor Newsom, facing almost certain recall, is going to let us all out of jail, hoping that we forget our anger at him.  On that magical and arbitrary day, we can join with the red states, where there's still logic and common sense, in leaving COVID restrictions behind.

...unless he can gin up a new outbreak first.  You never know!  Two weeks after Memorial Day, a big travel and gathering holiday, a new outbreak could happen.  So is the June 15 date actually arbitrary?

In that April article I wrote about masks, I talked about those ubiquitous blue masks from China — the ones everyone wears and sticks on kids and toddlers — containing graphene.  I read that Canada had rejected a shipment of those masks.  Because graphene flakes microscopically, it's terrible for your lungs.  I confirmed this with my chemist friend.  It causes a similar reaction to asbestos in the lungs.

After I wrote about it, I mentioned that fact to a lot of people, most of whom shrugged their shoulders and just went about their business.  At a certain point, I realized I could shout it from the rafters, and nobody would care.  They can't see COVID, so it makes them illogically fearful.  They can't see graphene, so they'll trust the government to do what's right and ignore science once again.

I just read a newly published article on graphene in masks.  It says that on April 2, 2021, Health Canada, a department of the Canadian government responsible for national health policy, issued an advisory, warning people not to "use face masks labelled to contain graphene or biomass graphene."  Then the article takes it a step farther.  It posits that including graphene in masks is part of an insidious plot to sicken us and blame it on COVID.  The logic is there, but the proof that this theory is true seems lacking.  But that logic might just explain why, when Canada has been vocal in warning about these masks, the USA, the CDC, and the WHO haven't bothered.

When graphene gets into the lungs, it creates a set of symptoms similar to a COVID infection.  With the over-sensitive PCR test, a false positive result is common.  So, you have the perfect way to keep the pressure on the public.  Make them sick and perpetuate the Munchausen by government proxy syndrome I wrote about in January.  Politically, it makes perfect sense.

For me, the bottom line is that nobody ought to be wearing those blue (or now, other colored) masks from China.  We don't manufacture our own, so if it looks like a paper mask, it's Chinese.  Need I say more?  Other than to reiterate that masks don't stop COVID anyway.

Image: Blue surgical masks.  Public domain.

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