Biden's unconscionable validation of anti-Semitism

It is hardly a new phenomenon that the American left has over time become so radical that a vicious form of anti-Semitism has become its norm.  The Democrat party could, once upon a time, be counted upon to firmly support Israel against its enemies here and abroad, but no more.  The party now openly embraces proud anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC.

Just the other day, Tlaib harangued Biden for thirty minutes on the tarmac at Detroit Airport.  She supports the terrorist organization Hamas and was furious that Israel was so effectively defending itself.  Biden praised her "passion" without a word of support for Israel.  Biden had recently handed over $234,000,000 to the Palestinians, which they promptly used to attack Israel.

Iran was and is completely on board, using Hamas as its proxy.  And even as twenty to thirty percent of their rockets fell on their own people, Hamas, as usual, using its civilian population as human shields, the Democrats still supported the terrorists.  They even voted against sanctioning foreign entities that provided financial aid to Hamas!  They voted against providing additional funding to Israel for the Iron Dome missile defense system.

The despicable AOC and her Squad have introduced a resolution that would block arms sales to Israel.  As any sentient person should know, there is no moral equivalency between Israel and Hamas.  And as everyone should also know, the destruction of Israel is the essence of Hamas's charter.

Throughout the Hamas/Israel violence, Biden offered no support for Israel beyond his mild "Israel has a right to defend itself."  In effect, he succumbed to Tlaib's shrieking pro-Palestinian rant.  So, with the permission granted by default to anti-Semites everywhere, attacks on Jews are occurring everywhere.

In Los Angeles, outdoor diners were confronted by thugs shouting, "Where are the Jews?" and then proceeding to beat them up.  A lone orthodox man was chased while walking to his synagogue in Los Angeles.

These incidents are happening across the nation, and Biden had yet to utter a word against themuntil Monday.  Too little, too late.  He had spoken out about the attacks on Asians but not on Jews.  He had bragged about his support among Muslim anti-Israel groups.

We all knew that Obama was an anti-Semite.  It appears Biden shares his anti-Israel sentiment to the point of openly betraying the Jewish state.  What a difference four months can make.  President Trump was the best friend Israel ever had in the White House.  Biden is the most dangerous enemy.  That most members of his party in Congress are comfortable hanging Israel out to dry is horrifying.

As if his silence on the growing attacks on Jews here and in Europe were not dispiriting enough, Biden has hired a known advocate for Islamic terrorists, Hina Shamsi, into his administration to help "crackdown [sic] on extremism in the military."  She and several others of her ilk join SecDef Lloyd Austin and his "hatchet man," Bishop Garrison.  All of the above are determined to purge our military and all other institutions of "extremists," those who supported the presidency of Donald Trump, the man who rebuilt the military and restored common sense to our defense forces.

Trump's reforms are being undone with the speed and relish of an administration bent upon destroying this once great nation and Israel as fast as possible.  Anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism have long gone hand in hand among our enemies.  Now there can no longer be any doubt that anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism are shared pathologies among our own Democrat leaders with the president's blessing.  Biden has always been a racist to the core of his being.  He never openly spoke out against Obama's anti-Israel policies.  Now we know why.

Congressman Lee Zeldin has observed:

I went through kindergarten through 12th grade, college, law school and four years of active duty in the U.S. Army and I never once experienced anti-Semitism - until I came to the U.S. House of Representatives.

We can be certain it was not coming from his Republican colleagues.  That the Democrats in Congress have embraced AOC and her viciously anti-American pals tells the story.  Not one Democrat has publicly challenged their pro-terrorist/anti-Israel blather.  Can anyone blame them for thinking their party is in full agreement?

The Republican Party is chock-full of cowards, as we saw last week when 35 of them voted for the Jan. 6 commission, which is sure to be a partisan operation as phony as the Mueller faux investigation was.  That they choose to defend Hamas over Israel tells us everything we need to know about who they are.

The Democrats may stick together and fight as a unit more than Republicans ever do, but their ranks are full of cowards, too.  Their cowards are now proven anti-Semites, and anti-Semitism is a disease.  It is the socialism of fools (August Bebel).  The current resident of the White House is so afflicted.  Let us hope America and Israel survive Biden's and his party's abject acquiescence, their thumbs up, their attempt to mainstream anti-Semitism.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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