Biden is responsible for the current Hamas-Israeli violence

Make no mistake about it.  President Joe Biden bears significant responsibility for the current raging hostilities between Israel and Hamas. 

Hamas is Iran's terrorist arm in Gaza.  It is Iran that supplies the wherewithal that Hamas is using in its missile strikes against Israeli civilian targets.  Iran, and by extension Hamas, has been encouraged to act boldly against Israel by the demonstrated weakness of Biden and his administration.  When Biden backed off President Trump's hard-line, the Iranian leadership smelled that appeasement.  And why not?  Biden is currently viewed as an extension of the Obama presidency.  Indeed, the Harris/Biden administration is filled with Obama retreads whose idea of a Mideast strategy was to elevated Iran to the position of being a local hegemon.

And like anyone else, Iran can see that the Democratic Party has an anti-Semitic contingent in it with representatives Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) being most prominent.  Democrat leadership as exemplified by President Biden to House leader Nancy Pelosi has been reluctant to criticize the anti-Semitic impulses in their party.  This can only lead one to believe that the Democrats are in general accord with them.

There are also two specific actions by Biden that demonstrate he's an appeaser of Islamic terror.  Soon after he was installed in office, Biden restored U.S. financial aid ($235 million) to the Palestinian National Authority which President Trump had cut off in 2018.  He did this even though the PNA, through its Palestinian Authority Martyr's Fund, provides money to the families of Palestinians killed or captured for their terrorist activities in Israel. If this is not encouraging terrorism, what is? And needless to say, some of this U.S. aid money inevitably seeps over to Hamas. 

Second, Biden is determined to resurrect Obama's deal with Iran on its nuclear weapons program.  This is despite the fact that the Iranian regime remains in violation of the agreement signed by Obama, and it continues to support its terror network in the Middle East.  Given enough time, the historic and groundbreaking Abraham Accords fashioned by President Trump will be undone by the ineptness of the Biden administration.  Many observers say it is already happening. 

Whether he meant to or not, Biden has given Iran the green light to act boldly, and by doing so, he bears a degree of responsibility for the war going on between Hamas and Israel.  Weakness and appeasement have always invited aggression, and it always will. 

Image: Nehemia Gershuni.

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