Biden is planning to throw money at Gaza

The 1959 movie The Mouse That Roared has as its premise a poor, backward nation declaring war on America because it hoped to benefit from American beneficence once it inevitably lost that war.  They end up profiting mightily from this scam.  The residents of Gaza are doing their own version of roaring.  Joe Biden, having decided that the Gazans lost the war they started (although they claim victory), is ready to shower them with money.

At this point, it's impossible to tell if Biden is malevolently anti-Semitic or completely moronic:

President Biden promised to help Palestinians who lost their homes during 11 days of Israeli strikes on Gaza as he offered prayers Friday for a ceasefire to hold.

During a press conference to mark the visit of South Korean President Moon Jae-in, he insisted he remained committed to Israeli security.

But he struck a careful balance between both sides as he announced plans to help Palestinians in Gaza rebuild their lives so long as Hamas militants, who rained rockets on Israel, were not able to rebuild their armaments.

'I am prepared to put together, and am going to attempt to put together, a major package with other nations who share our view to rebuild the homes and — without providing Hamas the ability to rebuild their weapons systems — rebuild Gaza,' he said.

'They need help and I'm committed to get that done.'

Did you catch that bit where he said that he would get the residents — who elected Hamas — their money "without providing Hamas the ability to rebuild their weapons systems"?  This is the same American government that, as part of last year's Paycheck Protection Program to provide loans for small businesses harmed by the lockdowns, handed out $7 million to fake businesses just in New Jersey.  The Secret Service has already recovered $2 billion in fraudulently obtained COVID relief funds.  Given the $780 billion the fund handed out, it's easy to believe there will be billions more in fraud discovered over time.

The likelihood that the Biden administration will be able to keep the money out of the hands of Hamas, an organization like the Mafia but with more genocidal aspirations, is ludicrous.

Additionally, this was not the kind of war that should result in the aggressors receiving any funds.  To appreciate that, you must understand history, something it's doubtful Biden ever did and it's certain he doesn't now.

After World War I, the victorious French and British demanded reparations from Germany.  Having to pay those reparations, combined with over a decade of collapsing government and multiple mini-revolutions, paved the way for Hitler.  He was able to convince the impoverished Germans that (a) he would bring stability and wealth and (b) that it was all the Jews' fault.

After World War II, America was the last great nation standing, and it was determined not to allow Germany and Japan — both of which had been flattened — to again cultivate their deadly Bushido and Nazi ideologies.  Therefore, it remained in both countries and, while it generously doled out money, it also forced both countries to abandon their murderous ways and become peaceful, functional democracies.

That is not the case here.  Israel did not completely flatten Gaza, although it could have had it wished to do so.  Instead, as usual, it engaged in surgical strikes intended to kill some of Hamas's leadership, infrastructure, and fighters.  Now that there's a tentative ceasefire, Hamas is claiming victory.

So, right off the bat, the situation is entirely different from that in 1945, when the United States was the only victor that wasn't trying for a communist takeover.  Germany and Japan were in ruins.

This is Tokyo:

Public Domain.

This is Hiroshima:

National archives. 

This is Berlin:

From a Flickr album.

This is Dresden:

By contrast, given Israel's carefully targeted attacks, most of Gaza is still standing.  If there is squalor, it's because of the poverty Hamas imposes on its citizens by diverting all of the funds to building tunnels and maintaining a terrorist infrastructure.

So, 1945: Aggressor nations completely destroyed; America the last major power; and America moves into those countries for the next 76 years to keep them out of trouble.

And now, in 2021: Aggressor nation somewhat damaged but claiming victory; America not even part of the fight; and America is going to send in money with no demands whatsoever on the people to straighten up and fly right, while at the same time making the ludicrous promise to keep the money away from the Gaza Mafia when it can't even keep money away from American fraudsters.

In other words, Biden is rewarding aggression.  And why shouldn't he?  Democrats are rewarding bad behavior all over the place:

They are rewarding people who illegally invade America, they're rewarding criminals by defunding the police and removing consequences, they're rewarding mentally ill men who are taking over women's sports and locker rooms, they're rewarding blue states that willfully destroyed their own economies, they're specifically rewarding BLM and Antifa by dismissing all charges despite the destruction they wreaked in 2020 — so honestly, why should we be surprised that Biden now wants to reward Hamas's hate-filled fanatics?

Unlike The Mouse That Roared, this is not a silly comedy.  Thanks to Biden, America is about to become complicit in evil.

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