AG Garland spews more lies about white supremacy

Using the usual tactics of fear and intimidation, the left is shifting its propaganda machine into overdrive to promote its latest bogeyman: the ever-present, but virtually unseen, white supremacist. 

The latest salvo of lies came from Attorney General Merrick Garland, who testified Wednesday before the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on the January 6 "riot" at the U.S. Capitol.  The alleged "riot" — that featured no firearms, no arson, and no looting — "was conducted by supporters of then-President Donald Trump and incited by white supremacist groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys," according to Yahoo News.  "Five people died as a result of the attack," they added.

First of all, there is no evidence whatsoever that the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys are "white supremacist groups."  But they support both the Constitution and Donald Trump, either of which, in the current leftist mindset, makes you a white supremacist...even if you're not white!  (Just ask Candace Owens.)  Second, the inference that "five people died as a result of the attack" is intentionally misleading, as three died from natural causes and one from an apparent drug overdose.  The only violent death occurred when an unarmed female Trump-supporter was shot dead by a still unnamed Capitol Police officer.

Did "white supremacists" suddenly take to the streets and destroy American cities from coast to coast?  No.  I guess they're waiting for something more sinister to happen than a dead Trump-supporter, a Marxist revolution, and a stolen presidential election.  

Back to A.G. Garland: "In my career as a judge and in law enforcement, I have not seen a more dangerous threat to democracy than the invasion of the Capitol," he said, adding that violence incited by white supremacists poses "the most dangerous threat to our democracy."  Apparently, Garland didn't notice the billions of dollars in property damage and dozens of murders perpetrated over the past year by Marxist revolutionaries.  Perhaps he was still pouting over his lost seat on the Supreme Court. 

"The horror of domestic violent extremism is still with us," Garland said.  According to Yahoo News, he noted that "encrypted internet messaging and the increased availability and sophistication of 'lethal weaponry' make the threat of domestic terror greater than it has ever been."  To emphasize his point, Yahoo News mentioned a warning Trump received from the FBI about right-wing extremists planning violent attacks during the election.  Additionally, "[o]fficials at the Department of Homeland Security tried to get Trump to pay attention to white nationalist groups, some of which expressed open affinity for him and his political movement."  Apparently, Trump ignored both warnings...and nothing happened, except for the eventual and unnecessary occupation of our capital by U.S. troops.  They remain there to this day — more political theater from the left.

Not wanting to be caught off-guard by the evil right-wing media, Yahoo News destroyed any counter-arguments before they could be voiced: "Republicans continue to insist that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are as great a threat to national security as white supremacy, though research has shown that most of last summer's Black Lives Matter-inspired protests were peaceful.  While some violence and looting did occur, intense media coverage — in particular by conservative outlets like Fox News — may have provided a distorted image of those protests."  In typical left-wing fashion, no specifics were offered on the alleged "research," and Yahoo News gave no examples of property damage and deaths caused over the past year by "white supremacists."  Conversely, damage estimates from the "mostly peaceful" Antifa/BLM protests are now topping $2 billion, and about 25 people died.  This so-called journalism is reminiscent of the CNN reporter telling us about "mostly peaceful" protests while buildings burned in the background.  If it weren't so sad, it would be funny.

Beware the white supremacist!  Even now, he's probably lurking around the corner as you walk your dog!

Image: Senate Democrats via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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