A weird photograph perfectly encapsulates the Biden administration

There's a photo rocketing around the internet that, once seen, cannot be unseen.  It shows Joe and Jill Biden posing with the nonagenarian Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.  However, it appears that the Carters have become Lilliputians, for they are teeny people in a teeny house next to the giant Bidens.  Also, Biden's invariable mask is missing, despite the Carters' advanced age.  The whole thing is bizarre and almost certainly deliberately intended to make Biden seem important.

We know that when they went to visit Georgia, Jill and Joe Biden stopped in Plains to visit Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.  Here's a little video from a local outlet doing the usual "human interest" shtick about the visit:

I hope you noticed the vast crowds of ten or twenty people assembled to watch the most popularly elected president in the history of America.  Plains is small (about 800 people), but Sumter County, of which it is a part, boasts almost 30,000 people.  It's amazing how few bothered to show up.

What you should also have noticed is that Rosalynn, while she definitely shrank with age (she's 93), isn't that much shorter than either Jill or Joe Biden.  A photo from just two years ago, when White House occupants showed up at George H.W. Bush's funeral, shows the relative height difference between the Bidens and the Carters, with Jill appearing to be almost the same height as Jimmy:

The above tweeted out photo, incidentally, holds the clue to explaining this very strange photo showing Jill and Joe kneeling beside Jimmy and Rosalynn, both of whom are seated in upholstered armchairs:

If you do the mental mapping, even if all four were to stand up, the proportions of this photo suggest that Jill and Joe would be close to twice Jimmy's and Rosalynn's height.

The weirdness doesn't stop there.  First, did you notice that Jill and Joe, who are in close proximity to people in their 90s, are not wearing masks?  Joe wears his mask everywhere, all the time.  Even though he's been vaccinated, he considers it his patriotic duty to wear it outdoors, in that bright, disinfecting sunlight, and when he, who has been vaccinated, is in the presence of other vaccinated people.  Yet here he and his wife are, unmasked, with two of the most vulnerable people in America.

What's also weird is the room's proportions.  It's not just that the Carters are tiny.  Note how small and low everything else is: the chairs, the pictures on the wall, the upholstered chair next to Biden, the cabinet behind Biden, and the side table between the Carters.  Is it really possible that, as they apparently lost at least a foot in height, the Carters entirely renovated their home with furnishings appropriate for little people?  If so, this is the first time I've ever seen or heard of elderly people doing that.

Given how strange the photo is, it's no surprise that the internet memes exploded from both sides of the political aisle:

Here's my theory: Biden is the smallest man ever to occupy the White House.  I don't mean in height.  Instead, I'm referring to metrics such as intellect, accomplishments, and moral decency.  It's therefore imperative that photographs puff him up, just as court painters once painted monarchs as much more magnificent than they really were.

To that end, the photographer made sure that the Bidens were on the far left and right of the photograph and used a wide-angle lens to make them look big and the Carters small.  In other words, we're looking at regime propaganda with the Carters' willing connivance — and of course, when you are doing propaganda, no masks allowed!

Image: The Carters and the Bidens tweeted out by The Carter Center.

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