A Jeopardy! winner is accused of being a White supremacist

Kelly Donohue thought that life was wonderful. He’d won not once, not twice, but three times on Jeopardy!. Perhaps for his family’s benefit, or maybe just to boast, with each win, he’d flash a small hand signal showing the number of wins he’d had. Little did he know, but that third victory signal is allegedly a hand symbol that White supremacists flash to each other. Even though he obviously acted innocently, the vicious woke mob took his victory and turned it into ashes.

You must see the video to understand the kerfuffle:

Donohue was boasting a little bit. The fact that it was entirely innocent is demonstrated by the fact that, on preceding shows, he’d made a similar hand-to-the-chest gesture highlighting the number of wins he had under his belt. Using screengrabs from Jeopardy!, the Daily Mail put together a montage of Donohue’s hand gestures over the course of three days:

It’s worth noting that, while Americans use the pointer, middle, and ring fingers to show “three,” other cultures use different fingers to make the same symbol. Anyone who saw the movie Inglourious Basterds knows that:

It’s also worth pointing out that not everybody automatically knows what gestures mean. There’s a famous picture of Churchill flashing what he thought was the “V for Victory” sign but was, in England, actually the “up yours” gesture. It’s also questionable whether any person who’s not politically focused would know that the three-finger signal is indeed a White supremacist sign. All of this came out back in 2019 what some perfectly innocent cadets at Annapolis were accused of being White supremacists for making the same hand symbol.

Nevertheless, the woke tyrants swung into action. You can see some examples here. Additionally, because virtue signaling requires people constantly to up the “woke ante” to prove that they are pure – just as North Koreans had to outdo each other crying at Kim Jong-Il’s funeral – 450 former Jeopardy! Contestants piled onto the hapless Donohue.

In other words, some of what we saw was rampant virtue and power signaling. However, those former contestants also showed that they’ve internalized the message that, in a totalitarian world, silence is complicity. (Indeed, the woke mobsters, from Biden on down, are explicit about this.)

The charge against Donohue was so ludicrous, however, that even the notoriously leftist and woke Snopes site debunked it:

In context, it appeared to be nothing more than a gesture signifying his status as three-time winner, and there was never any evidence offered to the contrary.

Despite his innocence, Donohue is not a culture warrior in the battle against the madness of leftist social politics. Instead, he’s a mild-mannered bank examiner from Massachusetts (suggesting he could even be a Democrat).  So, he apologized:

Did you catch what happened to him? Let me repeat what the woke mob did to that poor man: “I removed the previous post because the comments were more than I could bear.”

Those horrible, vicious people took what should have been a wonderful triumph in a bank examiner’s life and turned it into an experience that will probably give him PTSD for the rest of his days. Who would ever have thought in the early days of social media that it would become such an incredible force for mob rule and evil?

IMAGE: Kelly Donohue hand gesture. YouTube screengrab.

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