It’s a mad world when two questionable athletes are the ones making sense

In the 1970s, O.J. Simpson and Bruce Jenner were at the pinnacle of American sports. Simpson was an extraordinary running back and Jenner was the Olympic decathlon winner. Since then, O.J. Simpson probably murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, while Bruce Jenner turned out to believe he’s a woman named Caitlyn. Neither of them is a person to whom one should look for rational thinking. Nevertheless, 2021 is such an utterly insane year, completely eclipsing the insanity of 2020, that both men have come out with common-sense statements in the past two weeks.

Simpson was the first to exhibit good, old-fashioned intelligence when he spoke about Ma’Khia Bryant’s death. As I’m sure you recall, Bryant died two weeks ago when a police officer was able to shoot her just before she plunged a knife into another young woman’s neck or heart.

Because Bryant was black, Democrats turned on the police officer in a blind fury, oblivious to the fact that he’d saved another black young woman from dying. One of the most disgusting attacks on the officer came from LeBron James, a basketball player.

Although James is comfortable with the millions he gets through Chinese slave labor, has an issue with anything regarding race here in America. Decent people owe him no respect and were not surprised when he tweeted out a photograph of the officer who saved a young woman from being brutally murdered, along with the words “You’re next.”

Many people spoke up about that mindless threat from a mindless man, but the most surprising one had to have been O.J. Simpson. While expressing support for James, including his obsession with “systemic racism,” O.J. not only challenged James for acting without information, but he also challenged the media for putting up fake news that obscured the fact that Bryant was about to kill someone. Then, Simpson added that he opposes defunding the police. It is, all around, a most surprising video because 85-90% of it Simpson says is what normal Americans once would think and still should think:

If Simpson’s retreat from the left’s insanity wasn’t surprising enough, on Saturday, Jenner came out strongly against allowing biological boys or men to complete against girls or women in sports:

Moreover, Jenner later stood behind those words:

Jenner is running on the Republican platform to replace California’s flailing governor, Gavin Newsom. While Jenner’s statement undoubtedly offended the transgender lobby, it’s likely that, in light of this unexpectedly rational thinking, Republicans will give Jenner’s candidacy another look.

And won’t that be wonderful if the first so-called “transgender” governor in America is a Republican?

When Cornwallis surrendered his entire complement of 7,000 men to George Washington in 1781, his band played an English ballad from the 1640s entitled “The World Turned Upside Down.” That song keeps running through my head as I write this post. Those confused British troops didn’t know the half of it.

IMAGES: Jenner and Simpson. YouTube screengrabs.

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