Why Kamala hasn't headed south

Well, we finally know why Kamala Harris, AKA Harris the Heiress (I wish I had thought that one up), is laughing, and also why she has not, as yet, visited our beleaguered southern border, even though Bumbles Biden has proclaimed her the border czar.

It's about the books.

It seems that the illegal alien children, unaccompanied or not, entering our country by way of our colander-quality southern border are receiving a newcomer goodie bag.

While this bag lacks such quality items as custom stained glass portraits and vacations in Spain given to the 2020 Oscar attendees, it does contain Ms. Heels in the Air Harris's book, Superheroes Are Everywhere.

I think it's a fair assumption that our president-in-waiting did not donate these books to the border security team.  As far as anyone knows, she has never been generous with anything but her feminine charms.

When I checked this morning, the book was selling for $11.85 on Amazon, so Ms. Harris is likely to make anywhere between $3 and $7 per book, depending on her financial arrangement with the publisher.  Nice marketing strategy.

The cages make it even better.  Any author who has ever attended a book-signing where few if any people showed up, as I have, will admire the strategy.  Just imagine: 

Let's keep the little tykes in cages until there is a sufficient number to make it worthwhile for me to go down and read to them.  I figure ten thousand ought to be the right size crowd. I might even autograph a few books.  Even if the little ankle-biters don't know who I am or can't read my chicken-scratch of a signature, it will still make for a terrific segment on CNN.

Wielding the levers of power is a fantastic marketing strategy, but not one available to all.  My local Barnes & Noble told me in no uncertain terms that it was not willing to cage prospective buyers for any author.

But maybe Kamala hasn't called.  Who would be able to resist that glorious giggle?

Image: Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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