Why does the left so passionately want to venerate criminals?

If there is one thing that characterizes the left today, it is the fervent need to pretend men like George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Rayshard Brooks, Eric Garner, and others are pillars of society, hapless victims of police brutality and racism.  Those mentioned above all died resisting arrest.  All had criminal records, some of them extensive and for violent crimes.

Not one of them complied with the police when pulled over for a traffic stop or when they were in the process of being apprehended after committing a crime.  All of them attempted to resist, flee, or harm the police who were present.  In nearly all these cases, their own behavior brought about their demise, however tragic they may have been.

The verdict in the Chauvin trial was mob justice, not due process.  The conviction on all three charges was media-bullied overkill, a complex case decided by the jury in but a few hours.

More white men have been killed by police as well, for the same reasons — non-compliance or violence — but those incidents never make the media forefront.

The public is astonishingly misinformed as to the truth, thanks to the media.  Nor do the hundreds, even thousands of black-on-black murders that take place routinely in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and other cities merit much media notice.  Black Lives Matter does not lift a finger or donate a dime to fighting black-on-black homicide.

Just the other day, again in Minnesota, BLM gathered to protest the shooting of a carjacker by police.  They assumed that the carjacker was Black.  When they learned he was white, they turned tail and fled back to their haven at Brooklyn Center, where Daunte Wright had been killed while resisting arrest for an outstanding warrant.  Their protests are only about degrading police, not at all about Black lives. 

Then, in Columbus, Ohio, a policeman responding to a 911 call shot and killed a young girl trying to stab another unarmed teen.  The potential victim has thanked the cop for saving her life, but that's irrelevant to Biden, Psaki, and the leftmedia.  They are thrilled to have another cop to demean and threaten as LeBron James quickly did with an odious tweet: "You're next."  Valerie Jarrett also let loose with a shameful tweet.

The left now has a principal tactic for winning and keeping power: indicting this nation's founding, its legacy of slavery, and all people not "of color" for "systemic racism."  It's a ridiculous charge, given the fact that nearly 700,000 lives were lost to freeing the slaves and that it was the Democrats that fought freeing the slaves so hard that even after losing the Civil War, they put Jim Crow laws into place.

Remember that the KKK was the military arm of the Democrat party.  The Democrats have been the party of racism from the beginning.  It was the pernicious slave system that led to the founding of the Republican Party, and its first president, Abraham Lincoln, who signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

It was the Democrats who opposed integration in the 1950s and early 1960s.  Joe Biden was one of the Democrats who was the most overtly racist for most of his career.  Chances are he still is.  His administration is dedicated to the notion that (1) blacks cannot navigate the process of attaining legitimate identification and (2) they are and will always remain victims of white people.  Talk about soft bigotry of low expectations!

Oprah Winfrey, a multi-billionaire, basks in her own perceived victimhood, as do all those multi-millionaire athletes "of color."  We must be grateful for the many, many black conservatives who have not and never will fall victim to the oppression meme — Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Larry Elder, Allen West, Candace Owens, Vernon Jones, Tim Scott, Jason Riley, Carol Swain, and others.  But these folks are reviled by the left, for they threaten leftists' plan to render all black people Democrats for life, to accept the second-class status to which the left means to condemn them.  Their job?  To hate all white people.

Driving racial hatred is what motivates the academic inculcation of Critical Race Theory.  The goal of CRT is to effect the permanent guilt of white people generations removed from slavery and Jim Crow laws and enforce the permanent victim status of all African-Americans.  Our Black citizens surrender at their peril, and their children's and grandchildren's certain submission to the Democrat party's version of slavery.

It is the left, as it has always been, that seeks to enslave American Blacks.  That is why so many of them voted for President Trump.  They saw his "What have the Democrats ever done for you?" challenge and took it to heart and then saw that he was right.  Trump's control of the border led to greater employment for all minorities, as did his de-regulation of business and tax cuts.  Under Biden, all those successes are being reversed.  Biden's shuttering of our energy production is hurting the working poor the most.  The throngs of migrants streaming over our southern border without regard for COVID status or family is a gift to the cartels' business of drug-smuggling and human sex-trafficking of children.

Thousands of these migrants are criminals, even terrorists — and no one is checking.  They are being moved into unsuspecting cities throughout the nation.  As the left continues its war on police and coddling of the criminal class, we will see our once civil society erode into chaos.  New York is now as lawless as Chicago and Baltimore; homicide rates are up in virtually all Democrat-run cities.  Could that be because criminals are no longer held for bail or not charged with crimes at all if some Soros-elected D.A. feels sorry for them?

Criminals now have the upper hand throughout America.  The left thinks turning them loose among law-abiding citizens is compassionate, when in fact it is just stupid and dangerous.  San Francisco is nearly uninhabitable, given the number of car break-ins that are not even investigated.

Rioters and looters around the country are not charged with the obvious crimes they commit, while having attended Trump's speech on January 6 is regarded as a crime most foul by the DOJ.  With people like Maxine Waters and her fellow race-baiting Dems all frothing at the mouth about how racist this nation is (Waters is a perennially re-elected corrupt pol who lives not in her district, but in a $4M mansion) we are fast becoming some kind of vast sanctuary nation for lawbreakers. Biden and his fellow Dems can't wait to strip us all of our constitutionally-guaranteed rights, especially the Second Amendment.  They never fail to express their contempt for law enforcement, and they seem intent upon destroying the United States as founded, one criminal at time.  It's got to stop.

When will the Republicans stand up and as a collective and shout "no more!"?  Most of them are as cavalier about the left's affection for criminals as the Democrats are.  It is the hardworking, law-abiding American people who have made this nation great.  Giving free rein to those who have no respect for our laws is a death knell for our Republic.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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