Who are the racists?

Who, again, is a racist?  We hear about racists a lot these days.  Racists are supposedly all over.

Might they be people like Bill Gates who believe that requiring the right answer and showing your work in math are an example of white supremacy and racism?  Or the majority of people who believe that all races are capable of getting the right answer and showing their work, and that in order to succeed, they must learn that the correct answer is the only right answer?  Is it they?

Or is it the party that continually claims that it is racist to require an ID to vote?  Or the other party that knows that every person old enough to vote is capable of getting a photo ID and must have one in order to follow all the rules that the government and businesses require?

The party that is willing to destroy minority businesses in Georgia and elsewhere with lies about voting laws?  Or the party that wants all businesses to succeed and believes that all people who are legally eligible have a right to vote?

The party that has continued to keep businesses and schools closed, that is especially harmful to the poor, minorities, and women?  Or the party that strives to get them open as fast as they can?

A president who called businesses who want to reopen and get rid of the masks Neanderthals?  Or the politicians with working brains? 

A presidential candidate who said you ain't black if you don't vote for me and that all blacks think alike?  Or a president who believed that people of all races think independently and had policies to help people of all races so he could earn their vote? 

A party that supports and gives massive kickbacks to an organization founded by a bona fide racist, specializing in abortion on demand, where black and brown babies are killed at a much higher rate than their percentage of the population?  Or a party that wants all children of all races to survive?

A party who opposes charter schools and vouchers, which will give minorities and the poor greater opportunities to succeed?  Or the party that supports school choice and helping the poor, especially minorities to give them a greater shot to excel?

The party that continually supports the racist prevailing wage laws that have oppressed minorities for ninety years?  Or the party that supports opening up jobs for everyone, especially minorities? 

The party that wants a high national minimum wage, which will harm opportunities for the young and poor to start moving up the economic ladder?  Or the party that wants freedom and opportunities for all?  The original purpose of minimum wage laws was to price out minorities. 

The party that has policies to keep as many of the poor and minorities dependent on the government by bribing them with free stuff?  Or the party that wants to give people of all races the opportunity to move up the economic ladder through free-market policies?

The party that supports protests, many of them violent, that harmed a great number of people, especially minorities?  Or the party that believes that all violent protests should be addressed?

The party that runs big cities, where crime is escalating, and continually declares that all police are racists?  Or the party that knows that the huge majority of cops are fair and supports them?

The party that highlights any crimes by whites against minorities and downplays crimes by minorities?  Or the party that believes that all crimes should be highlighted, no matter what race is involved?

The people at universities who divide graduation ceremonies, or dorms, by race?  Or people who believe that all races should join for graduation and in dorms?

The educators and others who discriminate against Asians?  Or people who believe that people of all races are capable and intelligent? 

The party that invites minority children and families to take dangerous journeys with criminals and violate our immigration laws?  Or the party that believes that the party in power should abide by the oath of office and enforce the laws Congress has passed?  Why didn't all the money sent to the northern triangle countries by Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama solve the "root causes" of the illegal migration problem if that is the solution?

The people who reported lies, without evidence, about white Duke Lacrosse players, white fraternity boys in Virginia, and white Christian boys wearing MAGA hats to gin up racial hate and division?  Or people who think people of all races should be treated honestly?

The people who lied about what President Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial hate and division?  Or the people who heard and believed what Trump really said, which was the truth?

The people who lied continuously with the "hands up, don't shoot" narrative to gin up racial hate and division, especially cops?  Or the people who believe that the truth is important and that all cops should be treated honestly?  How many cops have been injured or killed because of these lies?

The people who support teaching Critical Race Theory?  Or people who believe that all people of whatever color should be treated equally?

The people who use the racist terms "white skin privilege" and "systemic racism" to gin up racial division and hate?  Or the people who know that the reason people of all races, throughout the world, work so hard to come here is that they have great opportunities here that they don't have in their own countries?  Why wasn't the term "systemic racism" used while Obama and Biden were in office?  Why didn't the New York Times write its garbage 1619 piece before Trump was there?  The answer is that these things are terms and pieces meant to divide, but only when they are attacking Republicans. 

The party that pretends to unite the country but always plays the race card?  Or the other party? 

The situation at the border today is much worse than it was when Trump was in office, but as far as I can tell:

Most of the media are less concerned.  ABC didn't have one second on the border on Saturday night, and CBS radio news has been silent for days.  My guess is that the word is out to downplay the humanitarian disaster because the people they campaigned for are responsible. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Sen. Dick Durbin, Kamala Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. AOC, and the Squad haven't cared enough to go visit the border these days.  But they lie about the Georgia law! 

The leftist groups that constantly protested Trump are virtually silent.  Where are the protests at the border?  They are essentially silent on China. 

The Hollywood crowd who protested, and continues to protest, Trump on a daily basis are virtually silent, but they lie about the Georgia law.

Basketball-player LeBron James and other athletes are silent about the border and China, but they lie about the Georgia law.

I guess CBS is too busy lying about and seeking to destroy Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis and lying about the Georgia law to cover the border much. 

Everyone should recognize that the Democrats have played the racist card for decades, while encouraging the break-up of the families to keep them dependent on the government.  The attacks on Trump escalated, but they also attacked President Reagan, President Bush, and presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Everyone should stop calling Democrats progressive.  There is nothing progressive about intentionally moving a country toward socialism — and a party that constantly seeks to divide everyone based on race is not interested in uniting the country. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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