The high school girls continue to be in charge of the military

Let me start by admitting that I am very sexist in that I, a woman, feel that the U.S. military has become way too feminine. Whether it’s troops running around in high heels to “walk a mile in her shoes,” drag queens, inordinately high numbers of pregnancies, or seriously reducing physical standards because women cannot meet the existing standards, the military is losing its ability to carry out its number one job: Killing the enemy. It turns out that, at least to my way of thinking, the military is becoming feminized in another way, too: In its public relations, it’s clear that the high school girls have taken over.

I first noticed this high school girl trend in mid-March after Tucker Carlson exposed how quickly the Biden administration was moving to weaken the military in a host of ways. The response from the military was extraordinary. Forgetting its obligation to be above the political fray and to preserve its fire for actual shooting enemies, such as (God forbid, it should come to that) the Iranians or the Chinese, the military turned its guns on Carlson.

That wasn’t even the worst part. Instead, the worst part is that it was apparent that a bunch of 16-year-old mean girls were controlling the social media accounts for the various branches of the American military – and not just at the enlisted level, but at the officer level as well. (Regarding that problem, a lot of the blame goes back to Obama’s White House, which seeded the officer class with leftists.)

While the mean girls may have been sent to the back of the classroom, those 16-year-olds girls are still driving the military train. How else can one explain the fact that the U.S. Navy put a cutesy little blue mask on its eagle logo?

That’s what girls do. They put makeup on their dogs, love Hello Kitty, and are generally into cute things and dress-up.

This is not a serious military. Our enemies fully understand this. Others do as well, responding with a combination of disgust, humor, and fear as the comments to John Cardillo’s post reveal. (You can see the best comments at Twitchy.)

However, maybe there is some good news in all of this. Given that some serious people believe that Biden’s United States Military has is preparing to turn American states and citizens into its next target, perhaps we should be thanking our lucky stars for lowered standards and immature mental processes.

UPDATE: I always feel I'm on the right track if I later discover that my thinking dovetails with Andrew Klavan. This morning I listened for the first time to Andrew Klavan's opening riff from his Friday show, in which he explains that the U.S. has announced that henceforth it's embracing its real identity as a teenage girl:

IMAGE: The way the United States Navy Twitter logo should look.

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