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There can be no doubt that the drive-by media are pure propagandists.  "Orange Man Bad" was just the latest installment in the slander campaign against patriots by those who have mostly achieved little, built little, and hate those who actually work to build better lives.  Their campaign began as early as Woodrow Wilson's tenure, with early (1913) moves to concentrate power in D.C. through the income tax and in big banks with the Federal Reserve.

This profound opposition became obvious after the departure of Dwight Eisenhower.  With each succeeding Republican, new language was employed.  Ronald Reagan was demeaned as an "amiable dunce."  The Bushes proved themselves to be swamp-dwellers but were similarly slimed, with W's verbal malapropisms splattered all over the headlines.  When that became passé, the vocal assault accelerated, causing rational observers to wonder how far the left can go.  (Hint: There is no limit!)  Trump Derangement Syndrome led to an explosion of "racist," "homophobic," and similar slurs, attempting to paint patriotic Americans as evil.

Along the way, various "news" outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and others dropped any pretense of being purveyors of news.  As Project Veritas has shown on multiple occasions, these entities are literally propagandists — comrades of the Democratic Party.  This leaves us with a problem.  How are concerned Americans to get their hands and eyes on the truth of what's happening?  I propose that there are several moves we can make immediately.

First, never use Google to search.  It does two evil things.  First, it mines your searches to use them for saleable purposes.  You become the product.  Second, it rarely allows you to find anything by any conservative source.  Breitbart News has been a frequent victim of Google's bias.  Dr. Robert Epstein of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology showed how Google manipulated its search results and messages with the effect of switching around six million votes from Trump to Biden.  If you use Gmail, stop.  Reagan.com is just one of many email providers available for you.

I know of two non-tracking and non-censoring search engines: DuckDuckGo and StartPage.  Both are excellent, and neither sends a single byte of data to the Masters of the Universe.

The next task is finding news.  The gorilla in the room is Breitbart.  It has two problems.  The first is that, while it is generally a good source, it clearly pushes its product in the conservative direction.  The second is that its website is formatted like a tabloid.  If you want straight news, try Just the News or One America News Network.  Newsmax and Fox are generally good, but neither sticks to straight news very well.  The Epoch Times or the Wall Street Journal may also suit you.  You may have to search for what you want.  News aggregators such as The Liberty Daily, Citizen Free Press, Populist Press, and Conservative Playlist may have what you're looking for.

Once you leave pure news, you'll be looking at commentary.  If you want all sorts of viewpoints, RealClearPolitics is without peer.  You'll find the whole spectrum there, including the insane left.  You pick and choose.  There are also the three commentary sites I write for: American Thinker, Townhall, and NOQReport.  There are lots of others, and as you follow hyperlinks in articles on those sites, you'll discover more than you can possibly read.  Particularly good ones are The Federalist, Reason Magazine, American Greatness, Daily Wire, and American Spectator.  And while I'm on this list, two of the very best legal commentary sites are Res Ipsa Loquitur, the legal blog of Jonathan Turley, and the Volokh Conspiracy, hosted by Reason.  They explain legal issues of public interest in language we can understand.

Understanding the issues of the day requires a good factual foundation.  Sites that provide that are the Manhattan Contrarian, Rational Ground, Foundation for Economic Education, Get the Facts Straight, Mises.org, Gatestone Institute, and the American Institute for Economic Research.

At this point, I must turn to the elephant in the room: COVID.  Everywhere you turn, you find people "following the CDC recommendations."  We should note that the CDC is a political organization under a veneer of medical language.  Its flip-flops are worse that a dying fish on deck.  Its credibility is worse than the WHO's.  When we know that there have been zero super-spreading events outdoors, yet the CDC has just declared that children, who are minimally affected by COVID, must wear masks at all times at summer camp, it's clear that the CDC is not following the data.  So we must look to outside experts who are willing to actually look at evidence.

Because COVID is spread by aerosol, we need the two best aerosol scientists: Linsey Marr (Twitter @LinseyMarr) and José-Luis Jiminez (Twitter @jljcolorado).  They deal with mechanisms.  Epidemiologic data is found at Rational Ground; the Oxford University Center for Evidence-Based Medicine; and works by numerous individual researchers such as Carl Heneghan, Jay Bhattacharya, Scott Atlas, Michael Levitt, Sunetra Gupta, and Martin Kuldorff.  I've linked long form interviews with them.  You can look up their research.  UnherdTV has excellent long discussions with them and others.  And if you want a bit more, you can watch my YouTube channel or my new Rumble channel.

By now you've seen a host of arrows pointing toward a number of useful ways to get good information.  This list just scratches the surface.  As you continue, you'll find that there are wonderful American patriots who are working to get the truth out on a number of subjects.  You just have to steer clear of GooFaTwit.  The MOTU will do all they can to keep you from the facts.  Don't let them.

Ted Noel, M.D. posts on numerous social media sites as DoctorTed and @vidzette.

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