We need to re-imagine behavior, not policing

Obama recently said that we need to "re-imagine policing."  Without getting into whatever he meant by that, re-imagining policing would be a waste of time, effort, and money, which is always a major part of any Democrat "solution."  Why?  Because what we need, instead, is to re-imagine behavior, especially in certain cultures.

The left constantly preaches victimhood.  If a person falls into a leftist victim class, it's always somebody else's fault.  Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  Not only are young being told this repeatedly, but many, especially in the inner cities, are taught to fear, disrespect, or even hate the police.

Radical leftists, given all the airtime they want by their compliant media, and even some Democrat members of Congress, are constantly harping about defunding the police or even abolishing the police.  This has become cultural in the inner cities, and it is contagious, as a culture often is.  Those leftists who foment this problem with police have blood on their hands.  Until this is stopped and corrected — re-imagining behavior, if you will — we will continue to have police shootings.

Police have an incredibly dangerous job that, sadly, is becoming less and less respected — perhaps not so by most Americans, but by the radical leftists and their in-your-face press.  A politician suggested this week that police should not even have weapons when pulling over a car.

Pulling over a car is one of the most dangerous things, along with domestic disputes, that police face.  They may not know that a person in the car is wanted for murder or other felonies and is prepared to kill the police to avoid arrest.  This mentality is part of the behavioral problems that the left deliberately foments, and that is worsened by schools in large Democrat cities that leave kids unable to get good jobs.

I know of one officer who started a "routine" traffic stop.  As he got out of his vehicle, the driver leaned out and shot him five times with a .45.  Luckily, he survived.

The need for re-imagining behavior can be proven by the one common factor in all police shootings, regardless of race or culture: the people shot disobeyed a police officer's command and resisted arrest.  But for that factor, all the left's shining examples of poor victims would be alive today, or at least they wouldn't have died from a police bullet.  Unfortunately, because it does not help the left's agenda of fostering victimhood and hatred of police, this factor is overlooked and never discussed in public.

Civics studies should return to the classroom, stressing respect for police and the law.  Provide the kids with real-life examples of what happens when people disobey the police and actively resist arrest.  Provide analogies to show why this is important.

If someone can disrespect our laws when dealing with police, why not simply be free to disregard other laws?  Speed limits?  Merely suggestions.  Having a license plate, obeying traffic lights?  Voluntary.  Stealing someone else's property during a riot or even an ordinary afternoon?  Why not?  They had insurance anyway, and I wanted it.  Buying and carrying a stolen firearm without a license?  Everybody does it where I live, and I may need it to protect me from the police.  The possible infractions get more and more serious as time goes on.

We should ask the students, and ask ourselves as well, what kind of society we want to have.  One with laws that protect us and our property, or one where chaos reigns?  Seattle and Portland or Boise and Austin?  Venezuela or Switzerland?

The left has put us on a dangerous path, and we need to stop it.  Wake up, America, and let's start imagining and doing things in a positive way.  I suspect that America has had enough of doom-and-gloom indoctrination and would welcome some positive ideas.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay.

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