California Democrats trying to dox signers of Gavin Newsom recall petition

Democratic California governor Gavin Newsom, and his friends in government, are upset that the state's electorate might be acting up and engaging in representative democracy.  More than two million citizens of the formerly Golden State have thus far exercised their right and signed a petition to recall the tyrannical and hypocritical governor. 

This did not sit well with Newsom or his "Democratic" colleagues.  The California State Senate Elections Committee has prepared Senate Bill 663, apparently supported by Newsom himself, that would allow a politician targeted by a recall to get a copy of the petition — including the names and addresses of all who signed it and their contact information.

Try to wrap your mind around that: the very politicians who are adamantly against laws that would require voters to present any type of ID to vote for them want to pass a law that would grant them access to the personal information of anyone who might wish to see them removed from office.

It is critically important that we know whom we are voting for in the first place, and equally so that we know that our votes are being counted.  America's first president, George Washington, refused to be king and to serve more than two terms...because he didn't want to set a precedent of a ruler being seen as monarchical or evincing signs of dictatorship.  Conversely, FDR was happy to win a fourth term in office and to try to pack the Supreme Court.

Today's Democrats abhor the concept of voter ID but laud the concept of personally identifying any and everyone who has the temerity to question their power or want them removed.  In this era, such public identification, also known as doxing, leads to retaliation, up to and including job loss.

Those notions are the building blocks of tyranny.  There is nothing progressive about that.

Photo credit: Daniel Nesbitt CC BY-SA 2.0 license.