The Squad's newest member

Jamaal Bowman, M.C., has been my congressman since January 3 of this year.  He defeated Eliot Engel,  my previous member of Congress for 32 years, in a Democrat primary context.  Engel was ousted from Congress having reached the pinnacle of his 16-term tenure: chairmanship of the House Committee on International Relations.  As chairman of this committee, Engel was reliably pro-Israel — in a congressional district with a significant number of Jewish constituents.

Jamaal Bowman is no Eliot Engel.  As if to make this perfectly clear, he has signed up as sponsor of H.R. 2407, an anti-Israel measure introduced by Rep. Betty McCollum (DFL, Minn.).

Who are the other sponsors of this anti-Israel measure, intended, apparently, at undoing the progress toward Middle East peace of the Abraham Accords midwifed by the Trump administration?  Why,  Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, and the other members of the notorious "Squad," of course.  And now comes Jamaal Bowman to be the first male Squad member.

H.R. 2407 takes for granted Israel's "abuse" of Palestinian children living under its military detention and calls for denying aid to the Jewish State.  H.R. 2407 includes language that could have been taken from the most one-sided and biased anti-Israel resolutions to be adopted by the U.N. General Assembly of years past.

It is said that McCollum's anti-Semitic measure — and let's call H.R. 2407 for the anti-Jewish mindset it reflects — has little chance of passing.  No?  Is it not possible  that the Democrat Party is moving toward the mindset of that Pharaoh of Exodus who knew not Joseph, and proceeded to decree the enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt — including the drowning of male babies?

Congressman Bowman has explained that he is pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian.  That is an example of his readiness to dissemble for the purpose of deceiving those American Jews whose "progressivism" leaves them vulnerable to anti-Israel propaganda — like the Jews of J Street.

A petition has been drafted urging the congressman to withdraw his sponsorship of H.R. 2407, a petition drafted by local Bronx and Westchester rabbis, including Avi Weiss, the rabbi emeritus of Hebrew Institution of Riverdale.  It is my sense that Rep. Bowman is as likely to reverse himself on H.R. 2407 as he is on the rest of the Squad's radical agenda.

Perhaps the petition drafted by the rabbis implicitly recognizes the implacability of the new foe of Israel representing New York's 16th Congressional District.  The petition concludes with these words: "We will not remain silent."  This vow to continue to speak out presupposes the need to continue to oppose Bowman on Israel.

Bowman and the other anti-Semitic leftists in Congress must, indeed, have this impressed on them: the days of the "Jews of Silence" are indeed over, even these days of silence ruthlessly pursued by our totalitarian-minded cancel cultists.  Raise your anti-Semitic banners, and be prepared to face the righteous wrath of persons of good conscience and moral fiber from sea to shining sea.  Amen!

Image: U.S. House.

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