The overreaching Joe

This week, President Biden will propose what they call an infrastructure plan.  At $2 trillion, it's one gigantic overreach and tax increase.  I guess they don't get why he is in the White House. 

This is from Liz Peek:

The fact is that Biden was barely elected. He is in the Oval Office today by virtue of some 44,000 votes in three states — Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin. That's it. In addition, Biden's party has the slimmest of majorities in the House — only eight seats — and no majority at all in the Senate.

President Biden has the title but no mandate.  Yes, it's true that Mr. Trump won a close election in 2016, but he had a 25-plus-seats House majority and a true-majority Senate.  In other words, he had more votes in the Congress.

Will this work for President Biden?  It depends on the results.  So far, gasoline prices and the mess at the border are daily reminders that it's not working.

Most of all, it surprises me that President Biden is so tone-deaf.  It also confirms that he made some kind of a deal with the left to stay quiet during the campaign to promote the moderate image.  Of course, the deal came with an invoice if he won.  I think that President Biden is paying them back by doing what they always wanted to do.

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Image: Faust: Henry Clarke, illustratorKaren Ronan via FlickrCC BY 2.0.

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