The host has terminated your participation in this forum

Yesterday, New York councilwoman Helen Rosenthal staged a phone forum with Sen. Chuck Schumer, supposedly to elucidate his "ideas" for the registered attendees on the Zoom.

Sen. Chuck Schumer was uncharacteristically jovial, intimately sharing his glee at becoming, after lo, so many decades, majority leader.  His delight was a shock to those who have listened to his gravelly hectoring tones on podia for decades, huffing on about his left-wing plans and disappointments, his spectacles perched Ben Franklin–like on the bulbous tip of his nose.  

Assuming that all his listeners would be in his arena of concern, he spent a few moments incriminating and attacking former president Trump.  He casually slurred the 6 January pro-Trump adherents as "domestic terrorists" — so tiresome, so inaccurate, so doggedly doctrinaire.  Forgotten was the salient of not one gun having been found, no rally participant actually causing any actual violence, aside from a scrum of disturbed file folders and bad behavior in the Capitol.  And one death at the hand of a Capitol Police officer, not yet even identified after all these weeks.  Still, hundreds are in detention, some sure to serve unwarranted time for no particular "crime," other than being in D.C. and in the Capitol along with hundreds of others.  

Unspoken was the reason for the rally in the Capitol: Tremendous dissatisfaction with the conduct of the highly questionable 2020 election proceedings. 

Then the long-running Democrat senator went on to outline his delight with the largely unprecedented progressive agenda of the party, and his part in that agenda actualization.

We were shocked that when we entered several questions on the "chat" function of the forum, for Schumer's scheduled later Q&A, the "host" — who it might have been, other than Rosenthal or her assigns, was unstated — abruptly cut our feed. 

Our screen went to black.  

A message read, "The host has terminated your participation in this forum." 

No explanation or apology. 

We have never been cut from a Zoom, and wonder what motivated the unwonted act.  Repeated efforts to return to the forum were unavailing. 

As an NYC constituent of the senator, we were aggrieved, surprised, and offended.  High-handed behavior like that is not a winning recipe for respect or renewed terms. 

We concluded that the offense was our typed questions on the disparity of treatment for one day of mild scrum by largely jolly roger–ish protesters not known heretofore for violence of any kind, versus the indulgence of the Democrats for the ongoing scorch of Antifa and BLM molesters, now in full regalia in Minneapolis and Portland, for instance, and videoed for looting, massive civic destruction, arson, even maiming and murder. 

We also asked why the senator prefaced his remarks by gratuitous insults against the former president. 

And we asked why so little progress had been broached or attempted on the scandalous hemorrhagic southern border, where invasive males from a reputed 159 countries were being permitted ingress without a note, appointment for court appearance, or vetting of the smallest variety — even a check for COVID infection. 

We asked why so many people who had done nothing egregious were still being held, without bail, three months after the initial event in the Capitol. 

And we also noted that the election winners, downstream of the presidency slot, were not Democrat candidates, giving the very slimmest of margins to the Democrats.  So, we pointed out, certainly no "mandate" by anyone's standards.

The abrupt cessation of our participation leads us inescapably to the conclusion that though this was supposedly a public forum for New Yorkers, it was nothing of the sort.  Only the committed leftist or progressive need apply, apparently. 

A public forum was also, it appeared, no place to address our relevant and burning questions by a veteran grizzled public servant, who had no intention of actually addressing public concerns. 

Colleagues refuted my contention that the cut was predicated on cowardice.  They assured us that it was just plain power.

Senator Schumer was in the winner's seat, and the winners don't need to answer to anyone, leastwise a non-conformer of a non-blue stripe. 

Takeaway?  More unexpected "education" on the perquisites of being a Democrat in a Democrat regime.

Image: ProFlowers via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0.

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