What it will look like for us if history repeats itself

With but minor changes adapting it to the situation, the Derek Chauvin trial is reprising the George Zimmerman dramatic production trial.  Chauvin plugs in as Zimmerman, while George Floyd takes Trayvon Martin's place.  We're wearily familiar with the script; there will be riots no matter what's decided, with the same people rioting.  The lamestream media will pronounce Chauvin guilty with minimal regard for evidence, law, or common sense.  In the court of public opinion, Chauvin will ultimately be judged not on what he actually did, but on the narrative that somebody white has to pay for George Floyd's death.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis police shot and killed another black lawbreaker Sunday, bringing BLM rioters into the streets again.  These had been waiting for a spark to ignite another conflagration.  They probably were anticipating the decision in the Chauvin case, but pretty much any old spark would have served the purpose.  Neither justice nor black lives matter to these thugs; they won't get paid if they don't break some windows or hurt a few people.  After all, it's something to do. It's fun.

Lest we oldsters confuse "social justice" with "wilding," BLM is doing here what the Reds did in the years leading up to the 1917 Russian rebolooshun and what the Brownshirts did in the years leading up to Hitler.  Comparisons to today are instructive.  In Russia and Germany, many non-rioters sympathized with the rioters.  Many in the media in Russia and later Germany played stooge for the string-pullers.  In Germany, major corporations would throw in on the side of the thugs.  BLM leadership today even seems to be going out of its way to mimic the behavior of communists everywhere once they think themselves untouchable, enjoying luxuries denied the rabble in ruined Communist economies. 

Hey, it worked for Barack.

The parallels are so striking that one can wonder if there really is an unseen force guiding history along.  Was there no one who might have stopped Hitler's rise or the Russian revolution?  Germany had no such person.  Russia did.  Pyotr Stolypin, though, was assassinated in 1911, and things just muddled along until Lenin and the communists took charge.  Donald Trump in America tried heroically to stop the communists but failed.  The left, controlling nearly all that matters in America, didn't have to assassinate Trump to attain its goal.

Another interesting parallel works in reverse.  Joe Biden best matches the pathetic Tsar Nicholas II, whom a coalition of liberals and socialists overthrew (before the Bolsheviks then overthrew them) to seize power and whose legacy is that of an uncomprehending fool.  Biden came after the seizure of power by the Reds in Washington, but that hasn't stopped him from modeling Tsar Nicholas's foolishness.  In fewer than three months, Joe's incompetence has become legendary, bordering on comical.

Comical, only nobody's laughing.

Ordinary people in 1917 Russia and 1933 Germany generally went about their business after monsters ascended to power.  Perhaps they dreaded the future but had no way to change it or any idea of where things would go.  It was probably best for them that they did not know.  And so with us today.

UPDATE: This article originally stated that the Reds (i.e., Bolsheviks) overthrew the Tsar. We have corrected that error.

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