The Biden administration's skeevy way of claiming 'bipartisanship'

The Biden White House has decided to change the definition of lots of things.

COVID relief is actually a slush fund for leftists.  The American jobs program or infrastructure bill is actually a slush fund for leftists.

Now we are told that what the Biden White House means by "bipartisan" is when any Republicans in the country support his policies.  That is a tremendously low bar, but if that is what bipartisan now means, we will go with it.  I am sure the sycophant, puppet media will go along. 

Here are some things that Biden should now support since he cares so much about uniting the country. 

A huge bipartisan majority supports photo IDs to vote

A huge bipartisan majority want to ban late-term abortion

A majority of Americans support smaller government and lower taxes.  Trump's tax cuts were supported by many Democrats.  Trump had bipartisan support in the 2016 and 2020 election.  He even had bipartisan voters.

A majority of Americans support the continued use of gasoline, diesel fuel, crude oil, and natural gas.  A bipartisan group also supports coal. 

A majority of Americans support the border wall and enforcing the border.  Biden's policies on the border are opposed by a majority of Americans in polls since polls are so important to the Biden administration. 

A majority of Americans are against sanctuary cities and states. 

A majority of Americans want the schools and the economy to be open. 

A majority of Americans do not believe we are systemically racist. 

A significant majority of Americans do not support men competing with women in sports or exposing themselves in girls' facilities. 

Florida's Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, is supported by many Democrats and independents. 

So we can anxiously await when Biden, the Democrats, and most of the media give a damn about what the public wants.  All they care about is power, and whatever they have to make up about bipartisanship and everything else to intentionally mislead the public will be done.  The social media tyrants will gladly participate. 

Isn't it a shame that Will Smith used the lies of Biden, the media, and other Democrats about the Georgia election law as an excuse to harm minorities in Georgia by moving his movie filming to Louisiana, which has strict laws?  He did exactly as Major League Baseball, which moved its All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, harming minorities and minority-owned businesses in the name of racial justice.  Why won't the media report the truth?  Because they don't care.  It is the same reason they bury stories on Hunter Biden, or lied continuously about Russian collusion or are now downplaying the humanitarian disaster at the border.  It is the same reason they never ask for scientific data to support the destruction of the coal and oil industry.  They don't care about the truth!

Instead of the Washington Post reporting on Kamala Harris's inaction on the border and failure to go to the border, they are reporting a tremendously important story — that she likes to crochet.  I am so thrilled to know she cares so much. 

In Biden's first 83 days, we have learned that they care little about the truth, transparency, and science.  We have also seen the continued devotion of most of the media as they continue to campaign for him and his policies. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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