So Biden steers clear of culture wars? Laughable

I woke up this morning to see a USA Today article in my local paper — a piece that says Biden rarely gets involved in culture wars.

I thought how hard it is to spot the media bias because almost everything Biden does seeks to divide the country as he and Democrats pretend they want to unite us.

This has been going on for a long time, but the puff pieces of propaganda by Democrat campaign workers posing as journalists just multiply.  Here are the headlines:

From Dr. Seuss to Mr. Potato Head, Biden steers clear of polarizing culture wars

The culture warriors keep knocking on the White House doors, but President Joe Biden seldom answers.

Biden calls governors who want to open their states and get rid of the mask mandates "Neanderthals."

But Biden doesn't get involved in culture wars?  Wow.

COVID cases in Texas and Mississippi have gone down substantially since they were called "Neanderthals," but somehow, those statistics and the why of them aren't reported.

A sex addict monster kills many Asians in Georgia, and Biden goes to visit and blames the deaths on Trump, all for calling a virus that came from China the Chinese or Wuhan virus.

But Biden and Harris have yet to visit the border.  Biden, see, doesn't get involved in culture wars.

A follower of the radical racist Louis Farrakhan attacks the Capitol and kills a policeman, and every article I read says there is no evidence he was influenced by extremists.

It is so hard to spot the media bias.

Meanwhile, the Jan. 6 Capitol incident, where there were no arms confiscated, is still called an armed insurrection.  Why don't we know what killed the Capitol officer Brian Sicknick yet?  Or which police officer shot protester Ashli Babbitt?

Somehow, I don't see many reports or comments from Biden and Harris about the current violence and riots by radical leftists in Portland and elsewhere or how murders are going up rapidly in all big cities, as police are dehumanized.  I guess all lives don't matter.  Maybe those are mostly peaceful protests.  Arson is always peaceful by their logic.

The Biden administration teaches Critical Race Theory throughout, which basically says all whites are racist. 

But Biden doesn't get involved in culture wars.

Biden lies continuously about Republicans who want to change their election laws.  He continuously misleads the public that the laws are Jim Crow on steroids to gin up racial hate and division.  The media and other Democrats continuously describe popular, sensible photo ID laws as racist. 

Corporations cave to these cultural attacks so that they are not destroyed by radical leftists.  They do not care which customers they alienate or how many lives they destroy by the lies.  How many people in Atlanta and Georgia have been harmed because of the Biden, media, and corporate lies?  It appears that no one cares as they lobby for the unconstitutional H.R.1 for the federal government and seek to punish Georgia, with its many black-owned businesses.

Baseball moved its All-Star Game to Colorado, which is as strict as the new Georgia laws on voting, including requiring photo ID, and a lot more white, but in the mind of Biden, that's OK.

Biden continually lied about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial hate, division, and violence, but Biden doesn't get involved in cultural wars.

Biden will not visit the border, but he blames Trump for the crisis that is greatly rewarding cartels who are human-smugglers, drug-smugglers, gun-smugglers, and sex-traffickers.  They're making billions.

Biden stacks kids with COVID on top of each other in "detention facilities," formerly known as "cages," but calls Trump policies inhumane. 

The media, Hollywood, educators, and other Democrats still don't give a damn about all the people who died from terrorism and drug overdoses because the Obama/Biden administrators made sure drug-running terrorists were above the law in the case of their dropping investigations into Hezb'allah in order to appease Iran, which continues to pledge death to America.

Biden supports government paying for abortion at home and abroad, including late-term abortion, which most Americans oppose, but Biden doesn't get involved in culture wars.

Biden imposes rules that allow males into girls' locker rooms and to compete in sports as equals with women, which most Americans oppose, yet Biden doesn't get involved in culture wars.

Biden destroys industries and the livelihoods and the town economies of millions of Americans, but he doesn't get involved in culture wars.  And not once have I seen any supposed reporter ask for scientific data to support this destruction of industries that supposedly greatly improved the quality and length of life of people throughout the world.

How would we ever trust the media when they are so biased, whether it is a piece of garbage like this or the attack piece by 60 Minutes against Florida's popular governor, Ron DeSantis?  We can always tell whom the Democrats fear by whom the media is attacking. 

How would we know if the Matt Gaetz story, about supposed trafficking of minors, is true?  After all, it came from the New York Times with three anonymous sources from the Justice Department.  Are these the same sources that spread the Russian collusion lies for years or lied to the FISA courts?  Somehow, they haven't leaked anything about the investigation of Hunter Biden.  Isn't that amazing?  It would be interesting to see the stories about Clinton and Epstein relating to young girls.

The media have covered the Matt Gaetz story endlessly, but they buried the true story on Hunter Biden as they were campaigning for and contributing to Joe.  Sixty Minutes ran a puff piece to help him promote his memoir.

Hunter didn't drop too far from the tree.  He has no idea whether the computer that turned up in a Delaware shop with his name on it is his computer, and still seem to claim it may be Russian disinformation.  The Russian disinformation lies worked so well maybe he thought he would try it.  The supposed reporter didn't care about the obvious lies.

I thought Joe said no one in his family would cash in on his presidency so why is Hunter getting paid millions?  I am sure there is some obscure board he could serve on since he is an expert on so much, smartest guy Joe Biden claims to know.  Maybe he could get on Coke's, Delta's, or any of the others who are peddling the lies on Georgia's voting laws.

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